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Dr. Sajjad Celebrity Hair Transplant Surgeon



Dr. Sajjad Khan is an esteemed and so seasoned hair transplant surgeon of the world who is so famous for his work worth in the field of hair transplant surgery and restoration surgery. Dr. Sajjad Khan is the director of ILHT international and First Diplomat American Board of Hair Restorative Surgery.

Dr. Sajjad is an adept

celebrity hair transplant surgeon

having 20 years of experience and practice in the field of hair transplant techniques. Dr. Sajjad Khan has played so pregnant roll in the survival of many human beings lives with respect to remove the inferiority complex of the people s hair loss factors.

The basic motive of this personality is just to eradicate the hair loss malady among the generation and youth who is enduring with this severe enigma. Khan s enthusiasm is looking for relieving the enigmatic situations of physical looks especially for complexion or face.

During his career, Dr. Khan played dominant roll in the field of cosmetic hair transplant surgery as well as in many other fields with engagement of his fellow Dr. Dow Stough. Dr. Khan introduced a typical technique, named as PMP (graft preparation) that is utilized to produce the follicular units which are so notable for the hair transplant procedures.

Dr. Sajad Khan is also famous for the thousands of Reconstructive, Burn Trauma and Cancer survivors hair transplant maladies.

Dr. Khan is the founding member of International Society of Hair Restorative Surgery & the Italian Society of Hair Restorative Surgery. On 10th Scientific meeting of international Society of Hair Restorative Surgery held in Chicago (USA) 2002, his posters were awarded the 1st prize for Best Practical Tip.

Dr. Khan has completed his Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant Fellowship in 1991 at St. Joseph Hospital, Arkansas (USA). Dr. Sajad Khan has worked as Hair Replacement Surgical and Medical in 1996. Dr. Khan introduced so many procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series, Hair Transplantation in 2005. Dr. Sajad Khan is also Co-Author of three Text Books.

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