Bootleg Movie Download: Are Bootleg Movie Download Making Everything From Bad To Worse?

By Anu Kool

So you think that maybe one or two (or more) bootleg movie download wouldn’t be that bad, right? After all, how can it possibly affect the rest of the world’s film industry when it is just one movie, after all? Or is that, one movie download at a time? Unfortunately, that one movie represents months of hard work, not to mention the pre and post production labor that usually goes along with it; and the very large amount of money being invested into its making and promotion. Investing money in one Hollywood movie project can easily go into millions of dollars. Although other movie outfits in other parts of the globe do not invest as much, one movie still represents a huge amount of financial resources.

From a lone individual’s point of view, a bootleg movie download is just that: one digital file to watch and discard or collect afterwards. But for most movie outfits out there that have investments running on each movie project, including contracts with CD/DVD distributors, they only see continuous downloads from different individuals, from all over the globe, all at the same time. These individual ‘pirates’ no longer feel the need to pay for the movies they are watching, which basically represents huge losses in potential CD/DVD sale.

Additionally, there are other people who see this as an opportunity to make money the underground way. According to a recent study, over 100 million pirated CDs and DVDs are flooding the black markets, selling pirated versions of the most recent films. Some of these films are in fact, still being shown in cinemas at the same time. On this note, selling pirated copies like these represents huge losses in potential movie theater ticket sales.

Both scenarios constitute revenue loss for the film industry and not by a marginal percentage either. It is estimated that the loss of potential income for one movie, (including possible ticket sales, CD/DVD distribution rights, etc.) is close to 35% of the actual movie earnings.

If such statistics confuses you, then we should clarify. That money that pirates (individuals to organized groups) eventually cull from movie outfits earnings could have been used to help save the jobs of many studio workers, particularly the blue-collars who perform the grittiest tasks like maintenance, set construction, etc. After all, a movie is not just about actors and directors. The same money could also have been used to improve movie production by hiring more post-prod talents like animators, video editors, etc.

Although most of us do not feel the effects of bootleg movie download on a personal level, this practice is actually making it difficult to sustain a film industry that basically runs on financial revenue. So in turn, the film industry has no other option but to raise theater ticket prices and CD/DVD prices, just to break even.

In case you haven’t noticed, the higher the prices of legit movies become, the more pirated copies emerge. The funny thing about this is that people reason that they only practice bootleg movie download because theater prices are too high or the CD/DVD is too expensive.

One way of stopping this out-of-the-frying-pan-and-into-the-fire practice is to subscribe to legal online movie distributors like Yes, there is an asking fee. But their rates are more than reasonable, considering that one movie ticket in cinemas now can sometimes cost you more than $15; and more importantly, online companies like this give back due resources to movie outfits with distributor’s fees.

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