Fast Weight Loss: 4 Tips To Lose Weight Quickly

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By Dee Power

If you’re on a busy schedule you might not have time to prepare elaborate meals, or restrict yourself from foods you love and serve your family. Here are 4 tips for fast weight loss that won’t take a lot of time.

Have breakfast. Skipping breakfast leads to low blood sugar mid morning which results in cravings for sugary foods to pump the blood sugar back up. A vicious cycle results and continues throughout the day. Your breakfast should consist of whole grains, a protein source and fruit. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A slice of whole wheat toast spread with a tablespoon of low fat peanut butter and an apple will do just fine. Or you could mix 1/2 cup of nonfat cottage cheese with chopped fresh peaches and a couple of whole wheat crackers. Another possibility is a scrambled egg served on an English muffin with a glass of orange juice.

If you work outside the home, brown bag your lunch. It’s tempting to run out to the nearest fast food joint for a high fat, high carb lunch. If you pack your lunch you have control of what you eat and won’t be tempted by a burger and fries. If you have a fridge and microwave at your office, and who doesn’t these days, you can serve up a delicious salad and soup lunch. As an added benefit you will save money. The average fast food lunch these days costs around $7.00. And you can use the time you save to run errands, relax or take a walk around the block.

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Plan for your snacks so you won’t be hitting the vending machines or the cookie jar. There are lots of prepackaged alternatives at the grocery store that offer low fat, low calorie, but tasty snacks. Prepackaged costs more than the big bags but you get portion control in return. You can also package up your own snacks. Keep the calorie count to about 100. Fresh fruit and veggies are a given, but you can also have popcorn without the butter, saltine crackers with low fat cheese, a cup of soup, a handful of nuts, or pretzel sticks. Put your selected snacks in a zip lock bag and place in the fridge, when you feel the urge, they’ll be ready and waiting.

What you drink counts in your calories for the day. It’s easy to forget that fruit juice, sodas, sweetened ice tea, and caf mocha, all add up. Water is always your best bet as a refreshing drink. Add a slice of lemon or lime for flavor. Or a crushed strawberry, a few raspberries or a peach slice. You can keep a pitcher of ice water on your desk, or kitchen counter and it will remind you to drink more. Keep single serving bottles in the freezer to grab on your way out. Put the bottled water in front of the juice, milk, and sodas and you’ll be tempted to drink the water instead of the other liquids. Just cutting out two sodas a day can significantly drop your calorie count.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to lose weight quickly without a lot of time and effort.

About the Author: More tips on

how to lose weight quickly

Dee Power is the author of several nonfiction books.

Grilling vegetables

is one of her favorite ways to come up with a tasty low calorie meal.


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Techniques Practiced At Dental Clinic In Alexandria:


Dental clinics in Alexandria hold an important place when it comes to catering to dental services. In general, all dental techniques are broadly divided into two different parts such as cosmetic and general. Under cosmetic, the dentist makes use of treatments such as gel whitening, laser bleaching, gum lifting, tooth shaping, porcelain veneers and so one. Similarly, general dentistry comprises of techniques such as routine check-ups, filling, cleansing and others. Following is a brief summary on few techniques that occur in general as well as cosmetic dentistry:

General Dentistry:It comprises of techniques that most dental clinics in Alexandria refer to when it comes to investigating the health of tooth. The techniques involve visual observation of each tooth, its health, gums and checking for plaques, tartar or stains, if any. A dentist practicing general dentistry would be more curious to know about the health status of gums and teeth. He/she would focus on essential factors required for maintaining your teeth in good health:

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* Routine Check-up: It involves checking the health of gums and individual tooth through visual observation. To aid this, every dental clinic in Alexandria makes use of a mouth mirror and a tweezers to check for signs of yellowing or tartar. In case they find excessive tartar depositions on tooth and gums, then they might ask you to take a regular appointment. Often at times, owing to difficult contours in tooth, they are difficult to brush. A dentist proves helpful here, as he/she can see the condition of tooth and scrap off the excess tartar that might hold a potential threat to your teeth.

* Filling: In case, your tooth broke in recent mishap, then in order to save the tooth from developing any plaque, Dental clinic in Alexandria protects it using cements as fillers and binders. These fillers have a temporarily short span of life, than can last up to five years depending on your eating or biting habits.

* Cleansing: It is one of the widest used procedures by general dentists. Upon examining the condition of tooth, they floss your teeth to ascertain that no tartar leaves unnoticed. To aid in this, they make use of dental flossing, which involves use of floss tape, which is moved between the gaps of two adjacent teeth to ensure that all tartar or left over stuck food stuffs is removed.

Cosmetic Dentistry:Dentist concerns with cosmetic dentistry are more bothered towards the look of teeth. They fall in secondary class of dental practices that involve treating the look of individual tooth and gums.

* Gel Whitening: It is a gel substance composed of peroxides, which bleach the teeth. In case, you have a large portion of yellow teeth, then dentists make use of these peroxide gels to bleach teeth and help them gain back their original whiteness.

* Gum lifting: Some people, with age develop loss of gums. That is, their gums get lower than their original positions to expose teeth lacking a dentin protection. This is a serous concern, as then the tooth is exposed to bacteria that might cause plaque and give rise to cavity in teeth. Dental clinics in Alexandria carry out gum lifting procedures to ensure that the teeth stay protected from contracting plaque.

Dental Clinic Alexandria – For those searching for expert dental assistance in Alexandria can visit They carry out all above mention general as well as cosmetic dentistry procedures to help patient find their lost smile back.

Why Teeth Whitening In Cedarville Is A Great Idea

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byAlma Abell

Many people see the teeth whitening as an act of vanity. Some dentists even bemoan the fact that people haven’t started to view teeth as something more important than a tool of appearance. Dental professionals express that there are a lot of benefits to oral health, one of which is having a bright, white smile.

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We may not like to admit it, but the truth is that vanity can come in handy sometimes. Dentists that perform Teeth Whitening in Cedarville say that this procedure can be an asset for dental as well as psychological health. There are plenty of advantages to professional whitening. If you have a stained smile or feel that something else is holding you back, take a look at these teeth whitening benefits. Click here for more

The look more attractive a smile is, the bigger boost your confidence will be. Men and women who are unhappy with their appearance tend to hide in a kind of shell. Whitening can be an important step towards a new world. You no longer need be afraid to smile as this improvement will lift self-esteem. It gives you a better push towards personal and professional relationships, leaving you with a happier life in general. Teeth Whitening is very common in today’s society, so there is no need to worry about feeling out of place.

Besides the obvious benefit of having a brighter smile, whitening can have other positive effects on the appearance of the rest of your face. Studies have shown that people with bright smiles have less noticeable facial wrinkles. If you’ve been bothered by wrinkles and are not sure about going with technical or facelift procedures, this could be the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. There is no doubt that our culture is obsessed with youthful looks.

Even though there are many ways to whitening your teeth (i.e. home kits, etc), going to see a dentist who specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry is always a safe bet. These professionals will walk you through the process and explain to you whether you are a good fit for the procedure. When you seek to improve the appearance of your smile, look for a dentist that has a stellar reputation for providing impeccable Teeth Whitening in Cedarville.

Align Your Teeth With Orthodontists In Hornsby}

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Submitted by: Vikram KR

You are only good looking like as your teeth. Beautiful and amazing smiles are created with straight and aligned teeth. Hornsby dental invisalign have the aim of ensuring you look good always, especially with perfect teeth. In this day and age you would be very uncomfortable with crooked teeth. You certainly want to take photos and appear in as many as you can. Your good looks will make you attractive to many friends. Popularity of invisalign braces is increasing fast even as more and more people are willing to spend on money just so they can look good. You should therefore align your teeth and look good regardless of your age and personality.

Who should straighten their teeth?

The right answer to the question is anyone. So long as you are in Hornsby it does not matter how old or young you are. Hornsby orthodontist invisalign is for everyone. People have always imagined that only a specific age group can align their teeth. The notion is very wrong and the truth is that anyone can look good like they want to. If you are a child you better align your teeth early enough so by the time you are all grown you wont have to stress yourself. However you will only be eligible to align them if your dental health is okay. You should therefore take good care of your teeth all the time.

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Hornsby Orthodontists

They are some of the best in Australia. They are licensed and are professional as well. You can always trust in the orthodontists to do a good job on you. First they will always start by diagnosing whats wrong with your teeth. You will be asked to explain any ramifications on your teeth before gluing the braces start. Usually any issue like toothaches and gum diseases are treated first just so the alignment works better. It would really be of no use to glue invisalign braces on your teeth yet you have defects or injuries. Therefore, just be frank with the orthodontists so you can get the best out of the process. You will also be engaged in details about what will be done to you with computer aided software. It is better to be fully aware of what you undergo at all times.

Hornsby orthodontist invisalign have been helpful to many people for many years. In fact there are numerous testimonials of people who have come from far parts of Australia just so they can get the best services offered by the orthodontists. Before engaging on you can always ask for track record and other previous works done. The orthodontists use the latest technology in examining your teeth and ensuring they are well. They also use the invisalign braces because they are way better than conventional metallic or wire braces. Wire braces, for example, will make you feel uncomfortable all the time and itch you as well. If you are allergic to them they will do you no good but simply irritate you. Choose wisely and go for invisalign braces.

About the Author: Always ensure you measure the capabilities of the medical personnel before you let him or her put braces on you. Even though there are many

Hornsby orthodontist invisalign, not all of them are professionals. Some also want to extort money from you for no reason. Beware and always ensure you watch out for any fakes, use the best

Hornsby dental invisalign.


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Many Benefits In Having Dental Implants From A Dentist Gilbert Az

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byAlma Abell

People who are dealing with tooth loss should consider paying a visit to a Dentist Gilbert AZ for help with this type of dental issue. Today, dentists can offer their patients with missing teeth various types of treatment options that can provide them with replacement teeth that look and feel natural.

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One of the most commonly used dental treatments for lost teeth, which a dentist may recommend is dental implants. Dental implants can be a good option because they are designed to resemble the way natural teeth grow in the mouth. This makes them feel much more natural in a patient’s mouth, which makes them much easier to adapt to.Dental implant treatments ential a dentist surgically placing a rod made of a biocompatible material, such as titanium, into the patient’s jawbone. This rod is left in the jawbone for a period of time and allowed to fuse with the bone in a process called osseointegration. This bonding of the bone and rod creates a foundation that is stable and secure.

A dentist in Gilbert AZ will then attach a crown, bridge or denture to the rod or rods. These dental appliances will be permanently affixed to the rods. This will prevent them from moving or slipping. This means that the patient will be able to eat, speak, laugh and smile normally without having to worry that their teeth will slip or fall out. In addition, because the replacement teeth do not move, the patient will not have to deal with discomfort or pain caused by their replacement teeth.Because this type of dental replacement feels natural, the patient will not need to go through a period of adjusting to the new teeth in their mouth. They will be able to speak naturally and eat as they did before immediately after the new appliances are installed. This can be a great benefit for many people.

Dental implants are also a good choice as they help in eliminating some of the bone loss that people who have lost teeth experience. When the person loses the roots of their teeth, the jawbone generally starts to deteriorate and this can result in changes to the structure of the face. Because implants serve to replace the missing root, the jawbone will stop deteriorating. For more information, please visit

Therapeutic Massage: Techniques And Applications

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By Matilda French

Therapeutic massages can often be found in spas, resorts and massage clinics across the world. They are often also part of the rehabilitation process for persons overcoming major injuries. Within therapeutic massage many individuals are able to release tension in various muscles and areas of the body. Aromatherapy is often used during therapeutic massage sessions in order to speed up the healing process and provide more healing agents to the massage. Special oils and herbs are commonly used because of their natural healing properties.

Heated rocks are very common therapeutic massage tools. These stones are simply warmed and put onto ailing areas of the body and help to relieve pain by promoting the circulation of blood and softening of tissues. They can also effectively help to treat aching tendons and joints. Therapeutic massage can be used on several different types of people in several stages of life and development – such as pregnant women. Many pregnant women seek out therapeutic massage to help them deal with the stress and joint pain that comes with their quickly growing tummy. Throughout pregnancy, a woman can undergo several different levels of therapeutic massage which help to relieve the pain of common discomforts. Therapeutic massage can also be administered during labor and successfully help the soon-to-be mother experience less pain. Therapeutic massage can also be administered to children and the elderly.

For persons who experience chronic muscle pain and tension, therapeutic massage is also a great choice. Deep tissue massages consist of direct pressure to ailing areas in slow strokes in order to release stress. There are two main types of therapeutic massage which are called the Shiatsu and Swedish techniques.

YouTube Preview Image

Shiatsu massage consists of chopping, rubbing, stretching and massaging the body and originates from China. Many people are familiar with Shiatsu massage as it is most commonly seen in movies and television shows. Swedish massage consists of kneading and light strokes across the body. This type of massage is most commonly used to decrease the tension in muscles, eliminate toxins, increase circulation and boost the immune system.

Therapeutic massage has many benefits to the human body. It is most commonly known for relieving pains and aches in tight and swollen muscles. For instance, a therapeutic massage can also stimulate relaxation while relieving stress. When someone is stressed, their muscles tighten and ache. Only when that stress is relieved will the muscles loosen and relax. This also promotes good blood circulation and encourages a relaxed state of mind.

Therapeutic massage is also commonly used in the medical field as a healing agent for several illnesses and diseases. This type of massage is often used to relieve back problems, constipation, varicose ulcers, muscular atrophy and other sicknesses.

Massage is commonly used to help relieve sport related injuries. Therapeutic massage promotes relief in joints, tendons and muscles that are constantly being worked by professional or hobby athletes. There is much inflammation and pain associated in athletics and therapeutic massage is used to help ease the pain.

There are several more techniques and applications within therapeutic massage such as its help in toning the body and improving its range of motion. This type of massage has also lent too many modern miracles for persons who were either in dire pain or in seemingly irreversible bodily damage. Therapeutic massage has been able to help, on many occasions, to heal both the body and the mind.

About the Author: I write for AML Stone Source, the leading

hot stones

supplies provider. They carry products for

hot stone massage

, as well as many other accessories for hot and cold stone therapy.


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Penny Bids Really Need Your Business

Submitted by: Stewadt Delmonte

The experts can probably hire a team to help us gain an competition recommend a. I really find tired of folks calling dollar auctions scams but claim that they cannot accomplish these gadgets whatsoever. I trow she is really ridiculous and there is no reason for these accusations. I guess right here will always be sore losers and here can be really no way of making around this. There can be however a way that these losers can make proven wrong, and that is by the videos that I have made on youtube about these products. With this in mind she can be easy to see how we can make led astray by these sore losers. I wish here was this way to stop she and I don’t trow that right here is, I do not trow that right here is a way to combat she though but that is head on. We can start to combat these dishonest snobs by getting a forum but talking about which penny auction sites are good but which ones are not good whatsoever.

can be there a way to do this now? Well, I am working on the best way to get a done right now and I have this plan to do not so as well. I have a bunch of developers who are dedicated to help with the growth of penny auctions. The first penny betting site took place in 1887 and was actually called a penny bid competition. families loved these auctions so much but they fell out of popularity also folks ran out of things to attain. a days with all of these high dollar items we could likely never run out of items to win in these. The one downside but slightly humorous part of this is if the economy gets really bad then we may end up bidding in items like food in order to get by. I really cant imagine getting cans of tuna on the internet but I do think that she is possible to get these items on dollar auctions if the economy continues to decline.

YouTube Preview Image

there will be no way whatsoever to deny this point as valid and right here can be also no way to guarantee that it wont happen. Who would have thought that about 7 years ago that we would have hundreds of sites like this out and would form filling up with bidders who wanted to bid on these items. Where do you think that we will have come up with an idea recommend this, only someone who was really dedicated to penny auction sites would have not been able to think up a plan like a. do you think I am making an up or another thing? Because im not! And anyone who says otherwise is simply telling lies about what the truth can be about this. a can be this time where your loved ones would need to form very focused on what can be going on.

Bidding but price on dollar auction sites is a science that can be still rapidly evolving. an industry can be so young and people are still participating in how to find the biggest returns when you bid on this type of thing. If you are unable to bid dollar auctions also they are pricey right now, then I must recommend that you compete some of the cheaper auctions. Or, the best option for you would form to buy your bid package off of my site, a way you can get the very best deals in your gadgets and get the biggest wins and gains that you ever have in your entire life.

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Is Vanity The Reason For The Popularity Of Cosmetic Dentistry?}

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Is Vanity the Reason for the Popularity of Cosmetic Dentistry?


Jean PR Maddahi

Doesn’t it seem that half the people we know, if not more, have used cosmetic dentistry to improve their appearance? Is it vanity that moves people to spend the time and money to get a “new smile”? Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, works from his Beverly Hills dentist office and has had plenty of experience with why people elect cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Maddahi has helped thousands of patients to improve their looks by creating new smiles for them. He answers the question. “In the 90’s a new standard for professional and personal appearance began to emerge. Because of the ease and affordability of cosmetic dental work, an unsightly smile is considered offensive in many cases.”

YouTube Preview Image

When a person arrives for a personal or professional meeting, it is assumed they will want to make a positive impression with the people they meet. If that person comes to the meeting smelling badly, wearing ripped or grimy clothes, or with dirt on their face and hands, a bad impression would be made.

A survey conducted by the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry found that subsequent to a smile makeover from a cosmetic dentist, it is assumed that the patient has a better business persona. It is also found that a person appears more attractive and is assumed to be more popular as well.

This survey showed people before and after photos of patients who had cosmetic dental work done. The survey got definitive responses to what was shown. People thought the after-photos were of people who were more intelligent, wealthy and successful in their careers. (As a note, none of the before pictures had missing or rotten teeth or other bad dental health problems.)

Dr. Maddahi explains his experience. “Why do people come to me for cosmetic dentistry? Many have recently had a photo taken or have looked in the mirror and their teeth look bad. Others realize that they just don’t smile in order to hide their teeth, or they find themselves putting their hand in front of their mouth. Some even restrict social activities because they feel their teeth look bad and are a bad reflection on them.”

“Some are inspired by what they see in friends and family, or on television, of those who have work done”. Dr. Maddahi continues, “They may see a makeover show. They often see that another person had even worse teeth before, and they see they can be helped.”

He has also found, “The other thing is that sometimes my new patients have been putting off a visit to the dentist for several years. They have an emergency and once they are here, they come to understand that dentistry has changed, and that we can help them without any trauma that has been associated with dentistry. Then they elect to take care of all their dental needs.”

Dr. Maddahi demonstrates a perfect marriage of artistry and skill with the results obtained on his patients. This consummate professional has a very strong command of his tools and technique, such that he can focus solely on the application of his skills to a genuinely beautiful result.

Why cosmetic dentistry? Because it is a part of the new professional and personal standard expected of successful and well-meaning individuals. Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, offers a free initial consultation in his Beverly Hills dentist office.

Experience cosmetic dentistry, the new professional and personal standard expected of successful and well-meaning individuals.

Los Angeles cosmetic dentist


Dr. Kourosh Maddahi

, offers a free initial consultation in his

Beverly Hills dentist


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Is Vanity the Reason for the Popularity of Cosmetic Dentistry?