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Submitted by: Amaan Goyal

Computers are the most useful and well-known technical gadgets used worldwide. Some uses it for their livelihood, some uses it for playing games on it and some uses it for browsing the Internet world. Among those who use the computer, most of us do not know the proper security steps that can be taken to prevent unauthorized access to their machines. Many of us do not hesitate surfing the Internet wirelessly on any hotspots without knowing the security part, which if turned out to be a Poisoned Hotspot can be very dangerous. Most of the hackers try to sniff data stored in the computer without the owner s permission. Taking some necessary steps can prevent these.

Types of computer attacks

There can be two types of attacks which a computer might face:

Active Attack

Passive Attack


Active attack is something where eavesdropping is on so that the data sniffer can sniff the data which is being transmitted over the network. These attacks are difficult to detect but can be prevented.

Passive attack is done by those who have an intention to destroy other s network security without having any aim of sniffing their data, but they are harmful as well. These attacks are easy to trace out but can be difficult to protect from those.

Remedies of computer security

The collection of various hardware and software specially designed to protect from data theft and other malicious stuffs are termed as computer security. There can be various solutions to protect the computers from unauthorized access from hackers and crackers. Hackers are those programmers who break the computer security with an intension to steal, destroy or change some data that is also treated as cyber-crime. Whereas, a cracker is a programmer who gains unauthorized access to a computer without having any specific intension as the hackers has. Some proper security tools might include firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, proper use of the Operating System and its browser etc. Let us discuss them one by one.

Firewall:- This can also be describes as a protected wall or shell all around the computer to detect and filter out the threats which try to access the computer in an unmeaning full manner. A firewall is the combination of hardware and software that is installed in the machine that helps in controlling the flow of data between computer networks. It helps the computer to protect from the hackers who can sniff data without the owner s permission.

Those who have Windows XP or Windows Vista as their operating system, for them getting a firewall is not a worry, they just need to make them active to protect themselves from the hackers and other unwanted stuffs. But those who doesn t have any of those two as their operating system, they need to have any other firewall software which is easily available in the market.

Anti-virus:- One of the most important tools for computer security is the anti-virus software. Though a firewall is always protecting from unwanted access to the computer network, but still some malwares make their way onto the computer by means of some attached file in the email or files from the Internet that the firewall cannot detect. For those malwares the antivirus software can be effective.

Antivirus software s are easily available in the market that doesn t cost much. Sometimes it is also bundles with a firewall as well which also includes in the security tool.

Some other security concerns are operating system; the web browsers and many more which should be updated regularly. One should also not click on the links which are there in unwanted emails, as they are might contain viruses and other malwares. Some people also face trouble when they download any free software that in some cases are bundled with viruses and spywares.

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