none Airplane in Nigeria crashes during mock rescue exercise">
Airplane in Nigeria crashes during mock rescue exercise

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Nigerian airplane crashed in the city of Port Harcourt yesterday, resulting in several minor injuries.

The plane was supposed to be taking part in a mock rescue exercise, and was carrying 30 members from the National Emergency Management Agency and other emergency workers, when it slid off the runway and into some bushes after landing at Port Harcourt International Airport.

The rescue workers on the ground, intended to participate in the emergency drill, instead had to deal with a real emergency; however, only a few people on board the aircraft sustained minor wounds.

A spokeswoman for the police, Rita Inoma-Abbey, commented today that “[n]o life was lost, but the aircraft was severely damaged.”

none Selecting The Right Probiotic Is The Key To Proper Digestion

Submitted by: Darrell Miller

Have you ever thought about what is going into your body each day? If not, then you should. One of the main ways to feel and be healthier is eating nutritious food and making sure your GI (gastrointestinal) tract has the right tools to digest and absorb nutrients. The GI tract, which includes the stomach and intestines, works to digest food and eliminate waste. A variety of good bacteria, called probiotic bacteria, can help to keep the digestive running as well as digest food, process waste, and keep take care of bad bacteria which causes disease and illness.

Although some kinds of bacteria do cause illness and disease in humans such as strep throat, the majority of bacteria do not cause disease. Instead, they are actually beneficial and are used in the manufacturing of food and beverages like buttermilk, yogurt, cheese, sausage, and acidophilus milk. These same kinds of good bacteria can also be found in our intestines, where they help keep the digestive system running by digesting food and processing waste. Probiotics, or live bacteria that is non-toxic and does not cause disease, are found in yogurt, intestines, and most natural supplements.

Up until the middle of the last century, bacteria found in food ingredients naturally were used to make fermented food products such as cheese. This process was known as wild fermentation. However, this process is no longer used, as the probiotic bacteria found in food and natural supplements now are harvested through a highly controlled fermentation process resulting in high numbers of bacteria and ensuring quality and purity of the bacteria.

YouTube Preview Image

Probiotic bacteria are very important for digestive health. Normal microflora (intestinal bacteria) is associated with good health, as an imbalance in this natural microflora is linked to various disease states including yeast infections and cancer. By eating foods or taking a nutritional supplement containing probiotic bacteria, one can help support and modify the composition of the intestinal bacteria. These bacteria will offer protection against disease-causing bacteria, and stimulation of the immune system.

Lactose is an important sugar that is converted to lactic acid by lactic acid bacteria. Lactose intolerance results when there is an inability to digest lactose because of a failure of the small intestine mucosal cells to produce lactase, which is an enzyme needed in order to digest lactose. This is often caused by genetics, gastrointestinal disease, or a decline in the amount of intestinal lactase levels associated with aging. People who are deficient in lactase accumulate non-absorbed lactose in the GI tract, drawing water and electrolytes into the gut and speeding waste through the intestines which leads to bloating, cramping, and diarrhea. About 50 million people in the U.S. have partial or complete lactose intolerance. Lactic acid bacteria have been shown to help the breakdown of lactose by enhancing the activity of lactase and improving lactose digestion and tolerance.

Digestive enzymes including protease, amylase, and lipase act upon food by breaking it down into simpler components that can be used by the body for energy. Without these enzymes, digestion could not take place and the food that we eat could not be absorbed and utilized by our bodies. Probiotics help the digestive enzymes to digest food and process waste, working together to ensure that the digestive tract is running smoothly. When they are taken together, enzymes ensure greater levels of digestion and absorption of your food while probiotic bacteria aid the enzymes in the digestion while keeping problems in check.

However, ensuring a healthy digestive system is not the only use for probiotics. Probiotic bacteria have been found to prevent vaginal yeast infections in women that suffer from these reoccurring infections. Probiotics keep levels of Candida, a fungus component of the normal GI microflora, in check, preventing overgrowth which is associated with vaginal infections, oral thrush, or even serious systemic yeast infections. Probiotic bacteria have also been shown to have anti-cancer properties and significant benefits for inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn s disease and ulcerative colitis. Along with the above, probiotic supplementation can improve and prevent skin diseases such has eczema and actually control inflammation that is associated with skin conditions.

In order to ensure optimal support of the digestive system, probiotics should be replenished by consumption of foods containing probiotic bacteria or by taking a probiotic natural supplement, as probiotic bacteria do not permanently colonize in the body. Whatever form you choose to replenish the intestinal probiotics, they should be ingested daily to ensure their health-promoting effects. The critical factor to a good supplement is not how many bacteria that supplements contains, but how many bacteria reach the intestines healthy, vigorous, and ready to work. A good supplement will deliver at least 1 billion living, healthy probiotic bacteria to your intestines with each dose. The critical key to a good quality supplement is, once again, that the bacteria are alive and can colonize in the intestines. A good quality product will have guaranteed levels of live bacteria at the point of consumption rather than at the point of manufacture. To ensure that the bacteria are live at the point of consumption, look for a product that has a use by or expiration date clearly stated on the package. It is also important to look for a probiotic supplement that does not require refrigeration, as those that do have often been subjected to warm temperatures during shipment and storage that will kill off some or even all of the bacteria. Along with this, it is important that the label guarantees live bacteria at the time of purchase, not at the time of shipment or manufacturing. There is one scientifically validated process truly delivers live bacteria to the intestines by suspending the probiotic bacteria in a moist paste that seals the bacteria in a gelatin ball, completely protected from air and dryness, so the bacteria are alive until the specialized gelatin dissolves in the intestines. Because probiotic bacteria are anerobic, they do not require oxygen to live, and the presence of oxygen can actually injure or kill them. In addition, this coating which seals in the bacteria eliminates the need for the nutritional supplement to be refrigerated. However, it can be kept in the refrigerator if desired. By protecting the bacteria on the shelf and in the body, the probiotic can successfully reach the intestine, resulting in a greater number of healthy, intact bacteria to colonize in the intestine.

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none Satanism: An interview with Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore">
Satanism: An interview with Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore

Monday, November 5, 2007

In the 1980’s and the 1990’s there were multiple allegations of sexual abuse of children or non-consenting adults in the context of Satanic rituals that has come to be known as The Satanic Panic. In the United States, the Kern County child abuse cases, McMartin preschool trial and the West Memphis 3 cases garnered worldwide media coverage. One case took place in Jordan, Minnesota, when children made allegations of manufacturing child pornography, ritualistic animal sacrifice, coprophagia, urophagia and infanticide, at which point the Federal Bureau of Investigation was alerted. Twenty-four adults were arrested and charged with acts of sexual abuse, child pornography and other crimes related to satanic ritual abuse; only three went to trial with two acquittals and one conviction. Supreme Court Justice Scalia noted in a discussion of the case, “[t]here is no doubt that some sexual abuse took place in Jordan; but there is no reason to believe it was as widespread as charged,” and cited the repeated, coercive techniques used by the investigators as damaging to the investigation.

One of the most visible Satanic organizations—though one that was never a suspect or charged in any of the Satanic Panic cases—is the Church of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey. Members of the Church, such as Peter H. Gilmore, Peggy Nadramia, Boyd Rice, Adam Parfrey, Diabolos Rex, and musician King Diamond, were active in media appearances to refute allegations of criminal activity and the FBI would later issue an official report debunking the criminal conspiracy theories of this time.

Gilmore feels Satanists are often misunderstood or misrepresented. LaVey’s teachings are based on individualism, self-indulgence, and “eye for an eye” morality, with influence from Friedrich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand; while its rituals and magic draw heavily from occultists such as Aleister Crowley. They do not worship—nor believe in—the Devil or a Christian notion of Satan. The word “Satan” comes from the Hebrew word for “adversary” and originated from the Abrahamic faiths, being traditionally applied to an angel. Church of Satan adherents see themselves as truth-seekers, adversaries and skeptics of the religious world around them.

On a windy October day in Central Park, Wikinews reporter David Shankbone sat down with the High Priest of the Church, Peter H. Gilmore, who has led LaVey’s congregation of Satanists since his passing in 1997 (he became the High Priest in 2001). They discussed the beliefs of the Church, current events, LaVey’s children and how Satanism applies to life and the world.


  • 1 Theistic Satanism (‘devil worship’)
  • 2 Church of Satan 101
  • 3 On current events and politics
  • 4 Religious and Satanic symbols
  • 5 The Iraq War: A Satanic perspective
  • 6 On New York City
  • 7 Marilyn Manson
  • 8 On the church after Anton LaVey
  • 9 Anton LaVey’s children and estate
  • 10 Sources

none Verizon says customer phone records were not handed over to the NSA">
Verizon says customer phone records were not handed over to the NSA

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

On May 11, 2006, the USA Today published an article claiming that the United States National Security Agency (NSA) collected millions of call logs from telecommunications companies in 2001 under a contract the NSA claims to have had with phone companies.

Since the publication, telecommunications giant Verizon has denied that customer phone records where handed over to the NSA in the time frame “from the time of the 9/11 attacks until just four months ago.”

“Contrary to the media reports, Verizon was not asked by NSA to provide, nor did Verizon provide, customer phone records from any of these businesses, or any call data from those records. None of these companies — wireless or wireline — provided customer records or call data,” Verizon said in a statement. This does not address the question whether the long-stance carrier MCI, that Verizon bought in January, handed over records to the NSA, and whether they still continue to do so.

Verizon also says that records from local calls are not tracked. “Phone companies do not even make records of local calls in most cases because the vast majority of customers are not billed per call for local calls.”

On Tuesday, BellSouth also denied that it gave their call records to the NSA.

However; USA Today said that they are “confident” about their story and “will look closely into the issues raised by the BellSouth and Verizon statements. Sources told us that BellSouth and Verizon records are included in the database,” said Steve Anderson, spokesman for USA Today. The paper was using anonymous sources that they claim had “direct knowledge of the arrangement.” Anderson also stated that they will not “dismiss” the denials made by Verizon or BellSouth “without taking a closer look”

Qwest‘s former chief executive Joseph P. Nacchio confirmed through his lawyer that the NSA requested Qwest to provide calling data, but that Qwest declined to do so citing a lack of legal process.

none Hell Pizza condom advertisements: complaints upheld">
Hell Pizza condom advertisements: complaints upheld

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A record number of complaints, over 600, against the New Zealand restaurant chain Hell Pizza for its advertising campaign using condoms delivered via letterbox have been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Family First “welcomes heavenly decision from ASA on Hells Pizza.”

Hell Pizza delivered sealed foil condoms in a cardboard box to households nationwide. On the outside of the box were the words: “Our pizza for meat lovers!” and the restaurant logo. The inside of the box included the condom and explicit instructions on how to use it. Hell Pizza delivered 70,000 condoms to households. An additional 100,000 were distributed to health and community groups who the chain said were “very supportive.”

Bob McCoskrie, director of Family First, said: “This is a victory for the protection of families from grubby advertising by companies like Hell’s Pizza, and is also a message to other companies who cross the line of what is decent and acceptable to our community. This is a pizza delivery company taking the moral high ground on sex education and telling parents how to give sex education to their kids, implying that all parents have failed at this, and kids as young as five should be exposed to this type of material.”

S. Nicholas filed a formal complaint and said in the complaint:” Any child can open the box take out these condoms and play with them. These are contraceptive devices, not playthings. The package also gave full instructions ‘how to use the condom’ in case some young person wanted to ‘experiment’! It shows lack of taste and is irresponsible.”

Other complainants said that it is inappropriate to promote food with a condom, the text “meat lovers” was offensive, that it undermined family values, and removed the right for families to teach sex education to their children. Condom use instructions that came with the advertising campaign were unnecessary and unacceptable and that there are health and safety issues if the condom broke during delivery.

The ASA said that three code of ethic rules were broken. They were basic principle 4, advertisements should follow a sense of social responsibility to both the consumers and society; rule 4, advertisements should not contain anything generally offensive and rule 5, advertisements should not contain anything that would cause serious widespread offence.

The agency Cinderella, acting on behalf of Hell Pizza, said that they “most certainly did approach this campaign with a due sense of social responsibility to consumers and society.”

Cinderella said: “From the very beginning, the company’s marketing activities were unconventional and memorable… HELL has built a successful brand by utilizing a limited marketing budget in ways that sought to grab attention and secure significant additional media coverage that would never have been able to be sustained using conventional, paid-for, advertising techniques.”

“LUST and sex are, in our experience, often found not far apart. One generally follows the other. And enjoying great food either before or after is also not such a stretch.”

Replying to the instructions that have to be printed, Cinderella said: “The terms are not really sexually arousing and the suggestion made by one hysterical complainant that they could then go and act out the instructions on the next door child is just not plausible and probably not even physically possible. It borders on insane to believe that this is a credible risk. …there has not been an explosion of sexual assault of children after being exposed to government health warnings.”

The ASA then considered all information given to them by both complainants and the advertiser.

The ASA agreed that the advertisements were in breach of basic principle 4 because: “Unsolicited, unaddressed delivery of a condom to letterboxes to promote a food brand did not meet [the basic principle 4] standard.” The standard “required all advertising to be prepared with a due sense of social responsibility to consumers and society.”

The ASA then reviewed whether or not the advertisement programme had breached rule 4 and rule 5. “The method of distribution was a key factor in considering whether or not the promotion had breached the Rules, taking into account the random context, medium, audience and product. The majority of the Board noted that it was difficult to target specific groups or ages using unaddressed letterbox distribution. In addition, it was concerned that such a method of distribution allowed any member of a household access to the advertising.” The majority of the ASA board did not find the instructions offensive but did agree that it would cause widespread offense. The advertisement programme is in breach of rule 4 and rule 5.

Some of the ASA board said: “…While the promotion had caused offence to some, this was offset by the possibility that the promotion had reached an audience that may not access the safe sex message via other media.”

The ASA decided to uphold the complaints, “complaints were unanimously upheld.”

“Our message to Hell’s Pizza is simple – stay out of the bedroom and get back into the kitchen,” Mr McCoskrie said.

none Where To Buy Uggs You Are Seeking For Any Gentle Pounds

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Submitted by: Quinton Hamalainen

In the potential the electric stethoscope is going to be the choice of most health care experts. Through the survive handful of decades electric stethoscopes have seriously grown in popularity. Medical professionals and nurses can hear to and diagnose patients in any sort of noisy setting they is likely to be in as a result of this technology. The speed and accuracy of those electric stethoscopes has helped quite a few a physician to assist preserve life.

Inside past medical professionals only acquired one decision, the acoustic stethoscopes. But the options are considerably more than just the acoustic today, thanks on the advances in micro electric technology and laptop or computer technology.

From the past looking to discern faint seems having a typical acoustic stethoscope could be an issue, so technologies has evolved to strengthen on this idea together with the electronic stethoscope. That meant that when by using them in a loud setting it had been upcoming to impossible to adequately give the affected person a appropriate diagnosis.

YouTube Preview Image

What came about was the electric stethoscope.

It has the skill to amplify human body seems to an wonderful level wherever it could be comfortably heard, even in a very noisy environment. Littmann is actually a chief in the electronic stethoscope arena. They style and design and manufacture some from the ideal stethoscopes accessible. A Littmann stethoscope is identified for its mark of quality, excellence and durability. This could be the stethoscope to have when you want an electric a single.

If a physician wants to perform a consultation, in a whole lot of instances the consulted physician is usually emailed what was heard and recorded through the electric stethoscope. Plus to produce this all incredibly simple and simple it comes with an inbuilt interface along with a cable that can be effortlessly connected with a recording machine including an I Pod, mp3 player, or perhaps a notebook computer.

Should you want your customers to return with your web site then make sure the supplies which can be utilised to produce up your merchandise are of a superb quality. Inadequate good quality components and items are often pretty uncomplicated to choose and that is a great way to shed prospects. So if you will be seeking to consider and achieve success in your internet site, then there exists 1 thing you have to take care of and which is your consumer foundation and you can do that by at all times obtaining excellent high quality merchandise that they require. To seek out the top pick, males need to contemplate their wardrobes. It really should go very well with virtually just about every outfit without the need of a problem.

The electronic stethoscope produced by Littmann is a great alternative when as a health-related supplier that you are looking for any light weight and incredibly durable model. The wonders with the current technology in the electronic digital stethoscope can literally be the big difference between living and passing away in some situations.

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none National Hockey League news: February 28, 2008">
National Hockey League news: February 28, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

There were 6 games played in the National Hockey League on February 27, 2008. Colorado finishes their three-game road trip in eastern Canada against the Canucks, Minnesota tries to break a 4 game losing streak in an out-of-conference game against the Lightning, and the Maple Leafs try to pick up their fifth win in 6 games.


  • 1 Game summaries
    • 1.1 Nashville Predators @ Buffalo Sabres
    • 1.2 San Jose Sharks @ Columbus Blue Jackets
    • 1.3 Minnesota Wild @ Tampa Bay Lightning
    • 1.4 Toronto Maple Leafs @ Florida Panthers
    • 1.5 Phoenix Coyotes @ Chicago Blackhawks
    • 1.6 Colorado Avalanche @ Vancouver Canucks
  • 2 Wikinews Player of the Day
  • 3 Other news
  • 4 Sources

none On the campaign trail, March 2012">
On the campaign trail, March 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The following is the fifth in a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2012 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after a brief mention of some of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail, a politician from outside the fifty states receives significant mention as a potential Republican Party vice presidential nominee, Wikinews gets the reaction of three Democratic Party candidates after the party strips delegates from two of their fellow challengers, and a minor third party removes its presidential nominee for fraud.


  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Might the GOP VP nominee come from Puerto Rico?
  • 3 Democratic Party strips delegates
  • 4 Party removes presidential nominee
  • 5 Related articles
  • 6 Sources

none Mozilla, Creative Commons, Wikimedia Foundation announce Bassel Khartabil Free Culture fellowship following execution of open culture activist">
Mozilla, Creative Commons, Wikimedia Foundation announce Bassel Khartabil Free Culture fellowship following execution of open culture activist
This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Monday, August 14, 2017

On Friday, several free knowledge, culture and open source oriented organisations — Creative Commons, Mozilla, and the Wikimedia Foundation, amongst others — collectively announced a three-year commitment for a free-culture fellowship to honour Bassel Khartabil’s continuing influence on the open web, during the Wikimedia’s annual conference Wikimania in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Palestinian-Syrian Khartabil was held in captivity under the Syrian government starting in 2012 and went silent in prison in 2015. Early this month his wife confirmed Khartabil had been executed in 2015.

Khartabil worked as a computer engineer and contributed to Mozilla and Wikipedia. A supporter of free access to knowledge and culture, Khartabil co-founded Syria’s first hackerspace, Aiki Lab, and led Creative Commons’ Syrian project.

The fellowship to honour Khartabil aims to promote free culture in various forms, including art, music, software, and community. On their official blog, Creative Commons said they would encourage applications from the Levant, Middle East, and North Africa.

Amazon Web Services is to act as a supporting partner and the fellows would receive a stipend of US$50 thousand over the course of ten months. The fellowship is to be awarded on a one-year basis, which could be renewed. Additionally, the organisations are to provide up to US$3000 for the candidates to purchase equipment and software.

Promoting candidates from “closed societies” from the countries with a history of oppression of freedom of expression and access to free knowledge, the fellowship laid three requirements for the eligibility. The applicants must have a history of contribution to the open source/access or free culture communities, and propose in their application an initiative promoting free culture values, and in which the fellowship would be their primary work focus. The fellowship applications are to be accepted from February, and the fellowship is to be awarded in April.

Apart from contributing to Mozilla and Red Hat, Bassel Khartabil developed “Aiki”, an open source framework which is currently used by Open Clip Art and Open Font Library. He was listed among Top Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy, and given a Digital Freedom Award by the Index on Censorship.

Khartabil was arrested by the Syrian military in March 2012. Following time in a Syrian General Intelligence Directorate facility, nine months after his arrest he was transferred to Adra Prison, and permitted family visits. He was relocated to an undisclosed facility in October 2015, and executed soon after. His wife, Noura Ghazi Safadi, confirmed Khartabil’s death on August 1 via a Facebook post.

none South Korea: Fire in hospital housing elderly people kills at least 37">
South Korea: Fire in hospital housing elderly people kills at least 37

Friday, January 26, 2018

Fire broke out on Friday morning and destroyed the bottom two floors of a six-story hospital in Miryang, South Korea, killing at least 37 people, most of them elderly. More than a hundred injuries were reported, with eighteen people in critical condition. This is the highest death toll from fire in South Korea in almost a decade.

The fire is believed to have started at about 7:30 local time, according to fire chief Choi Man-woo. It originated on the ground floor in the emergency room as per various officials. The hospital has 98 beds and a medical staff of about 35, and specializes in long-term care of elderly patients. It adjoins a nursing home, all of whose 94 residents were evacuated. Staff carried some patients out of the hospital on their backs.

One patient, Jang Yeong-jae, who told his story to JoongAng Ilbo, said he escaped by removing a screen from a window to get to a ladder placed by firefighters. He described people “running around in panic, falling over and screaming as smoke filled the rooms”. The majority of the victims died from smoke inhalation and are believed to be elderly, said the head of the city’s public hospital, Chun Jae-kyung. A doctor, a nurse, and a nursing assistant have died, according to the fire service; it took three hours to put out the fire.

In a press briefing, Seok Gyeong-sik, the director of the hospital, apologized to patients and their families. Son Kyung-chul, its chairman, stated that there were no sprinklers because the facility was small. Sprinklers are being installed in the nursing home, where a new law requires them by June 30.

Last month, 29 people died in a fire in a gym in Jecheon; the owner and the manager were arrested for safety violations. In 2014, a blaze in a nursing home in Jangseong left 21 dead. The President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, responded to the Friday fire by calling an emergency meeting of his staff, and promised that the cause would be found rapidly “to prevent the recurrence of the fire in the future”.

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