Cosmetic Surgery Emotional Risks}

Cosmetic surgery Emotional risks


James Wilkinson

Many opt for cosmetic surgery in an age where looking good has become paramount and it certainly offers an effective solution to combat the signs of aging or to improve our appearance.

One thing that many never consider is the emotional risks involved in surgery that will alter their appearance. Many women justify their need for cosmetic surgery by stating that they need to appear to be as perfect as possible for the men in their life. Many opt for breast enlargement surgery which is once of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures administered today.

Many women’s magazines put across the image that surgery is a normal practice for maintaining your image. With the advances in technology and good safety records of the more respectable companies it certainly is becoming more of a day to day part of maintaining our image. They usually centre on the possible physical side-effects and gloss over any emotional risks.

Many magazines pick extreme examples for case studies choosing either those who need an emotional boost in the form of increased confidence over their appearance or those who are high flying and attractive and just seek to maintain their appearance. They rarely touch on the many women who fall between these extremes.

It is essential that when you are considering cosmetic surgery you are fully aware of the possible psychological impact. You need to remember that you will be altering your appearance and this is something that will be permanent.

Again the more respectable cosmetic surgery companies and surgeons will usually talk you through the process you are considering undergoing and the possible psychological side effects of this image altering surgery. They will consult with you to ensure your reasons for wanting surgery are sound and the more ethical may refuse to give you treatment if they suspect there are issues you need to see a doctor about first.

You should avoid companies who assign you a sales rep to talk you through the process and seek only those where you get to speak directly to the surgeon who will administer you treatment.

If you are considering

cosmetic surgery

procedures in the UK such as

breast enlargement surgery

you should seek an accredited surgeon who is registered with BAPRAS or BAAPS to ensure this

plastic surgery

runs smoothly.

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Cosmetic surgery Emotional risks }