Improving The Look Of The Eyelids

November, 2013 byAlma Abell

A blepharoplasty, commonly referred to as Eyelid Surgery in Mystic, refers to a procedure designed to reduce bagginess often seen under the lower eyelids while removing excess skin from the upper eyelids. Patients may opt to have either the upper or lower lids worked on or have the procedure correct both at the same time. In many cases, this procedure is done for cosmetic reasons, yet there are cases where the patient undergoes this procedure to improve vision as the upper eyelids are sagging and impairing their sight. Patients must be aware that the procedure doesn’t help with facial wrinkles or dark circles under the eyes.

Good candidates for eyelid surgery include those who understand exactly what this procedure can and cannot do and those who are in general good health. Most who choose this procedure are 35 years of age or older, yet, those who have a genetic history of droopy or baggy eyelids may choose to undergo surgery at a younger age. Many patients choose to have this cosmetic surgery in an effort to improve their overall appearance and also to build confidence.

When a patient chooses to have both the upper and lower eyelids worked on, the entire surgery takes approximately two hours and local anesthesia, possibly combined with oral sedation, will be used. IV sedation will be needed in some cases. Skin is separated from the underlying tissue of the upper eyelids so any excess skin, fat and muscle can be removed before stitches will be used to close the incisions. Stitches typically stay in place for three to five days. When operating on the lower eyelids, the surgeon typically makes a cut inside the lid to remove fat before softening find lines with an erbium laser. Another option is to cut at the base of the eyelash to remove loose muscle, extra fat and skin. Over time, this incision will fade and both procedures may be used in conjunction with laser resurfacing for improved results.

There may be complications after Eyelid Surgery in Mystic, including dry eyes, skin that folds abnormally, bleeding, infection and abnormal coloring of the eyelids. The patient may not be able to fully close his or her eyes and there is a risk of vision loss. For this reason, the choice of surgeon is of great importance and many turn to Connecticut Surgical Arts for great results every time.