How To Get Into Writing For Seo For Massive Traffic

Writing for SEO is not as difficult as many people may it seem, however there is a formula to writing highly searchable text that Google will love. Internet marketers and online business owners can gain a ton of traffic in a short amount of time just by writing one keyword rich article.Here are some SEO article writing tips for those looking to get more website traffic by writing SEO content:

Choose Your Keywords

The biggest hurdle to cross comes in choosing your keywords. The best way to find relevant keywords is to use a free suggestion tools such as the Google Adwords tool (which can be found online). Next, you will need to pick at least five keywords that are related to your topic; so for instance, if you are going to selling organic baby food, then you should find relevant keywords without a lot of competition form other advertisers. Some examples could include: ‘healthy baby food’, ‘homemade food for babies’. The secret is to pick keywords that are highly searchable by Internet users, but that also has low competition from other advertisers.

Keyword Density

After finding your keywords, you can get ready for writing for SEO by learning about keyword density. Keyword density is important because it is a secret formula that Google uses to regulate which results they will show in the search engines for each inquiry by an Internet browser.

If you use the right amount keywords in your article, it is possible to rank number one on Google for a certain keyword, which can bring you a lot of traffic in a short period of time. To write SEO content, you must learn the basics of keyword density; keyword density is the amount of times a certain keyword is placed within an article.

Some experts claim that webmasters should aim for about a 2%-3% keyword density. So the main keyword should be in a 500 word article at least 3-5 times. The other supporting keywords should be scattered throughout the article every 100 words no more than 1-2 times. These numbers increase as the number of words in the article increases. This is what makes it difficult for some interested in writing for SEO.

Why You Would What To Write SEO Content

Writing SEO articles is important for a number of reasons; one, it is a cost effective way to bring traffic to your website. Advertisers often spend thousands of dollars on PPC advertising which is ineffective and time consuming. Other webmasters go for writing multiple articles, but these articles have no value to the search engines and will be placed on article directories or sites that have a low page rank. In other words, their marketing efforts will fail. The most cost effective method is to get into writing for SEO.

Options For Creating SEO Content

A webmaster of Internet marketer can save themselves a lot of time by using a content writing service to produce their SEO articles. This is because the Internet marketer can focus more on developing their products and services rather than creating keyword rich articles.

Most of these article writing services charge no more than $10 per keyword-optimized article. One such company is Gizelle Fashion Content writing services. They offer high quality SEO articles for less than $10 a piece.