How Can A Senior Care Health Center Benefit Your Loved One?

byAlma Abell

Do you have an aging loved one who needs care throughout the day when you are at work, or otherwise unavailable? In the past, this might have meant having to place your loved one in an assisted living facility or a retirement home in Bergen County, NJ. Today, senior care health centers can provide you and your loved one with a wide range of benefits. What should you know?

The Independence They Deserve

Unlike assisted living facilities and retirement homes, senior health centers provide your loved one with the independence they deserve. Each morning your loved ones will be picked up and dropped off at night. This allows them to stay in familiar surroundings and even be as self-sufficient as possible, while still benefiting from the services and treatments at the center.


Getting to Appointments

With the right facility, you’ll find that your loved one is still able to reach all of his or her doctor’s appointments. Many treatments can be provided at the center itself, along with handicap accessible vehicle and professional driving staff to help them reach appointments with physicians.

Medical Treatments

A range of medical treatments can be provided at the care facility itself, along with your loved one will be transported to physician appointments. For instance, physicians should be on site for emergency needs, and your loved one will have access to ophthalmologists, radiologists, podiatrists, speech pathologists, and even a mobile lab for blood work. The right facility will be able to offer medication administration through a licensed nurse, diabetes management, weight management and even Alzheimer’s care.

Recreation and Fun

Of course, a high-quality care facility is not all about medical treatments. Your loved one will have access to therapeutic recreation activities that not only improve health but can entertain them with options ranging from games that stimulate memory retention to physical activity and everything in between.

The Right Meals

While your loved one will be provided with meals and snacks at the care facility but are able to eat at home morning and night. These will be designed by a dietitian to meet your loved one’s specific dietary and nutritional needs, as well as their personal preferences.

As you can see, there are many benefits to be found in a senior care facility in Bergen County, NJ, all of which speak directly to your loved one’s health and quality of life. We invite you to contact Sunshine Adult Day Health Care Center by calling 201-387-8500.