Effective Customer Retention Strategies With Infusion Organique S Wholesale Spa Products

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Spa owners benefit from investing in quality wholesale spa products for their relaxation and luxury services. Products such as candles, aromatherapy and luxury soaps contribute to a complete spa experience. When a manager buys wholesale spa products they gain the ability to save costs with the purchase of multiple high end items, without taking away from the client’s experience, as it would trying to save on costs with a lesser product. Many spas have been shopping online to save time, and for the ability to comparative shop from their spa or salon location. This saves valuable time and resources otherwise spent commuting, and keeps management on site to deal with comments or concerns as they arise. Overall, finding one convenient source for all spa products is the ideal option for saving time and money, while improving the customer’s experience, and the spa’s rate of retention.

Aromatherapy sets an Atmosphere

Aromatherapy products set a relaxing and luxurious mood for clients, while they receive a massage, or are treated to a manicure. Different scents will bring out different emotions, and these aromas can be matched with the experience that the client is hoping for. Some aromas are invigorating and recharging. This is fantastic for busy professionals who are always on the go. A scent that is soothing and calming is the perfect fit for new Moms or clients who have recently been through a stressful experience.

Scented Candles Light the Way to Success


Even candles have a powerful affect on a customer’s spa experience. Scented candles can fill a room with an enhancing aroma, and with the lights dimmed, this creates the ideal spa atmosphere. High quality scented candles should burn evenly, and for a long time. Many spa owners also offer scented candles at the front desk, to sell to their clients for their own personal use.

Hand Soaps and Lotions Extend the Spa Experience

Even when a client visits the restroom their spa experience should continue with luxurious hand soaps and lotions. When a client is finished with their treatment lotions and hand soaps that have been infused with organic ingredients and scientifically based formulas will heighten the service. These products are effective for moisturizing and repairing the skin, and will keep the client pampered with a full sense of well-being, well into the day.

Perfumes make Excellent Gift Items

When a spa purchases products they should also consider perfumes that match the scents of their candles, lotions and aromatherapy accessories. This offers the client with the option to take the scent home with them that they have enjoyed at the spa, and to purchase these items as gifts for their friends and family. This supplements spa owners with an additional stream of income, to increase their overall profitability.

Where to Buy Wholesale Spa Products

Infusion Organique offers their wholesale spa products to spas and salons globally. Their lotions, perfumes candles and lotions are a made with a rich blend of eco-conscious organic ingredients and effective formulas. For more information on their extensive range of spa products visit, Infusionorganique.

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