4×4 Namibia A Harsh Trail}

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4×4 Namibia – a harsh trail


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There is a huge selection of options when it comes to trails for your 4×4. Namibia is one of them, The Kruger national park is a newly added trail and Zanzibar is an additional challenge. Many 4×4 weekend warriors push their vehicles to the limit, expanding on the very boundaries of any true 4×4 enjoyment. Before embarking on any trip, make sure you medical supplies are bang up to date and your 4×4 beast is in full working order. Essentials that you should ensure are with you include:

A Camera [with film if not digital]

A foot pump for your wheels

A hefty supply of drinking water, snack items [which wont melt] and a plastic bag to keep all your rubbish in.

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Lip Balm

Sun block and moisturiser, preferably stronger then SPF 15

If you plan to sleep overnight, mosquito repellent is a necessity. They will eat you alive, so take note of this warning.

A supply of tents, foldable chairs and sleeping bags. Unless you own a Hummer, then your living room travels with you.

Check out the trail rating, to ensure that your 4×4 is up to the challenge. These ratings however have been known to cause many arguments as each trails challenge is very much an individual experience. Regardless, each trail holds its own unique challenges for any avid 4×4 adventurer. Plan ahead, know your route and identify your limits. With that said, we outline a selection of Namibian trails which should challenge and delight any rugged off-road specialist.

The Isabis trail is located in the wide-open area of the Gaub River [located approximately 130kms from Windhoek] near the vicinity of the Gamsberg Mountain. This trail is short and can be completed in one day, making it perfect for a quick day trip and an ideal option for Camper hire in Namibia as this trail poses no challenge, which is ideal for any picturesque trip.

Some prefer a true challenge and for those who desire it, the Namib-Naukluft 4×4 trail is geared towards you. It is boasted that this particular trail is the most difficult drive in the country! The Namib-Naukluft 4×4 Trail is a two day, 73 km trail with a camp site at the halfway point to replenish weary bones. This track was built by the early pioneers, leaving it a raw and stony ride. Rather than testing your vehicle, this trail has been built to test your driving ability. Therefore it is best to stick to a low gear ratio throughout this demanding trail. For the especially insane, the entire route can be hiked across as a seven day trek.

A long journey awaits you with the Brandberg West 4×4 trail. With a total length of over 300 kms, this trail requires a filled tank of petrol with a spare can of gas in case of emergencies. You will follow the Ugab Menhir trail route but veer off when you reach the mine-pass. The mine is truly a spectacular site, with a deep pit of emerald-coloured water reflecting off the suns bright rays. There is even the possibility of running across a rare black rhino or desert elephant. Other notable trails include, Kalahari, Messum Crater, Omaruru River and the Ugab Menhir 4×4 trail. Each one provides a humbling experience of nature and rugged adventure. So come brave traveller, your 4×4 Namibian adventure awaits!

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4×4 Namibia – a harsh trail}

Best Baby Crib Wheels

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Wheels are extremely useful for items like baby cribs. However it is essential ensuring that the casters are not dirty or flimsy since the cribs would be move to vacuum under it or for changing sheets.

If someone is unsure of the use of the baby crib, it would be good keeping them nearby. Usually the crib would be necessary when the baby is three to four months old. Sometimes one may take a liking to the crib without wheels installed, it would be a good move buying caster wheels in the furniture shop and install them independently.

Baby Crib Mattress Features

Some of the features of quality baby crib mattresses would be

Ideal height and support for the user who uses the cribs.

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Mattresses should be higher inside the crib body so that the child could be easily laid down in sleeping positions.

Such mattresses should have the flexibility of lowering down them to match the requirements of the babies those can pull up.

While height of two mattresses would be fine, three mattresses would be even better.

Avoiding cheaper cribs with vinyl straps those tend to wear down and break up quickly. Metal spring system would be a better choice for supporting the mattress.

Convertible Baby Crib Convenience

Many people prefer the convertible type of baby cribs and baby strollers. However, added expenses may not be preferable for most of them. It is possible to convert some of the baby cribs into convertible toddler beds. Cribs will usually require extra kits that could be completely convertible. Before making final decision relating to the convertible baby crib one should therefore make some inquiries on the cost involved. Moreover, it may not be good to use separate toddler bed as most of the toddlers can move straight away into some twin bed and the step would save money.

Tips on Buying Baby Crib

Before one desire to buy a baby crib, he or she should take care of some factors that would influence the decision of the buyer to buy baby crib such as

Largest selections of best baby cribs can be found in the baby mega stores covering price as well as style.

One can order some models in about twelve week time.

Since the delivery may cause delay in many cases, placement of early orders would be good for any user.

And a buyer should not forget that internet is the best and largest market available on the globe.

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