Create Your Own Spa With A Bathroom Remodel, In Waukesha, Wi.

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Your home is where you and your loved ones gather, reconnect. Home owners are creating their own private sanctuary, a retreat from the world when they walk through the front door. At the end of a long day, you dream of climbing into a whirlpool bath, turning on the jets and soaking the tension out of your body. You have been thinking of turning your bathroom into your own private spa, a get-away just down the hall. The reality is, your bathroom is outdated, poorly designed or inefficient. You need help with your Bathroom Remodel in Waukesha, WI ideas. There are deep tubs for long soaks, tubs with jets to massage away your tension, showers with multiple heads, heated tile floors and custom cabinetry to choose from.

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The bathroom has undergone significant change. Over the years, bathrooms did not evolve much, double sinks and showers stalls were about as exciting as it got. Those days are gone. can come in and transform your bathroom into a space that is inviting, fresh and unique. They will discuss with you the many options available, and help you design a beautiful space. Maybe you do not want to change out your entire bathroom, but want to install a whirlpool tub or stand up shower stall, they have ideas and the skills to create your dream bathroom.

You do not have to decorate around the pink tiles in your bathroom any longer; and that fiberglass tub insert that is hard to clean can become a faded memory. Linoleum counter tops that you once thought were very retro are long out of fashion and so are chipped enamel sinks. Perhaps a bathroom remodel or update is in your future. Imagine walking barefooted in the morning onto heated tiles, a pulsing shower head that massages your body awake, or whirlpool jets to stimulate your muscles. From the beginning of the day to the end, your Bathroom Remodel in Waukesha, WI will be a wise investment both financially and emotionally.

You don’t have to go away to an expensive hotel for a spa experience. You can admire the bathrooms of the rich and famous on television, or you can create your own personal space that will have your friends and family wishing they had a retreat like yours. Every time you walk into the bathroom, you will be glad you contacted

How To Create A Gold Leaf Frame For A Mirror

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By Jessica Ackerman

A gold leaf frame fits right into a home decorated with traditional elegance and opulence. It is particularly suitable for a large mirror and serves as an attractive wall decoration in any room, from the foyer to the dining area to the bedroom. Placed in a more contemporary space, a mirror framed in gold leaf adds an instant touch of glamour. Depending on the style of the frame, it can exude an antique, old world look or a chic metallic vibe.

Creating a gold leaf frame for a mirror is an easy project that requires some patience and time. The process is called gold leafing or gilding, and it basically involves applying very thin and delicate sheets of real or imitation gold onto the frame. The preparation work on the frame is essential as it ensures a smooth and clean surface to work on. If your frame has lots of detail in the woodwork, applying the leaf may be a bit trickier, but can result in a beautiful golden piece.

1. Remove the frame or protect the glass. If possible, remove the mirror and backing from the frame so that the frame will be easier to work with. If the glass cannot be removed, use painter’s tape and a plastic sheet or newspaper to cover over the entire surface of the glass so it won’t get dirty.

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2. Sand and seal the frame material. You can apply gilding to almost any material, including wood, glass, or plastic frames. If you are working with a wood frame, sand the surface smooth before cleaning and apply a coat of sealer like Gesso primer, which will prepare the wood to receive the basecoat.

3. Apply acrylic bole as a basecoat. Red acrylic bole is often used as a primer to create a hard, even surface that is suitable for applying the gilding. It gives the gold frame a warm tinge when the gilding is complete. Apply two coats of bole, allowing the first layer to dry before brushing on the second.

4. Apply size for adhesive. After the bole basecoat has dried, use a brush to apply a thin, even coat of gold size, which acts as an adhesive to bond the gilding to the surface of the frame. The size will go on white and turn clear in 5 to 10 minutes. This is the best time to apply the gold leaf, when the surface is tacky.

5. Apply the gold leaf. Carefully lay the gold leaf on the frame, using a soft brush to smooth it in place. Apply consecutive pieces in the same way, slightly overlapping the previous piece. Trim away the excess with a brush. For the more detailed portions of the frame, tear or cut the gold leaf into smaller areas and apply.

6. Protect the frame with shellac. When the entire surface is coated in gold leaf and any wrinkles flattened out, seal the frame with a coat of shellac. It prevents the gold leaf from tarnishing and enhances its durability. Allow it to dry and you now have a gold leaf frame that is perfect for your mirror.

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Create A Stylish Bathroom With A Shower Panel.

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Create a stylish bathroom with a shower panel.


Stephan Kodera

When people are looking to update their bathrooms many people are now choosing to install a steam shower because of its many relaxing properties but there’s no need to worry if you don’t want to install a steam shower into your home. You can easily update your bathroom in style without the need for a steam shower.


Many people want a bathroom which is stylish and which they will enjoy using but there are budgets which won’t allow for a steam shower or you may not even want a steam shower. There is no need to worry about what to add to your bathroom with many stunning shower panels available.

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What is a shower panel? A shower panel contains all of your shower controls along with the shower head, and helps create stylish look in your bathroom as no pipes are on show. Shower panels are also known as shower towers. A shower panel will be fixed directly to your wall and so you will be able to tile around it, they are very smooth lined and allow you to avoid a bulky shower which can sometimes look untidy.


Shower panels are available in a number of different sizes and shapes, some come with fitted bodyjets which will gently massage the body while in the shower. Shower panels don’t need an electricity supply making them very easy to install as they only need connecting to the hot and cold water supplies.


When you are choosing to update your bathroom it is important that you think about your budget and then decide what needs doing to your bathroom to bring it to suit the idea in your mind. You may find it beneficial to set a budget for each section of your bathroom, a budget for flooring, tiles, bathroom suite, by splitting up your budget it will be much easier to remain within budget. When you are looking for your bathroom suite you will know exactly how much you have available, if you’ve managed to spender under budget elsewhere then you may be able to increase your budget but you must remember that taps and other fittings often come at an additional cost.


You should always shop around, look in your local bathroom stores but if you see anything you like which is branded take a look online to see if you can find it for less, you may even find something which you like more. Looking in a bathroom store will allow you to see what you do and don’t like, when looking online you sometimes can’t quite tell what an item looks like from the photograph but seeing it in real life will tell you if some shapes are a no go. By looking in store it will also allow you to see just how big the different sizes are and give you an idea of what size bath or sink you need.


It is important to plan your bathroom so that you know exactly how much space you have available before you begin to purchase anything. You need to think about whether your shower will be going over a bath or do you have space to put it in a cubicle? If you are placing it over a bath where are you going to put it so that you can shower comfortably and still fit a screen or curtain so that water doesn’t go all over your bathroom.


There are many things that you need to think about when updating your bathroom, you will find that a shower panel is a great way to create a smooth streamline finish.

Indigo Showers is a well established company who supply a range of steam showers, spa baths,

shower panels

and more. They can help you create your dream bathroom with their shower and bath options.

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How To Raise Awareness On Energy Efficiency

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By Lauren B. Laughlin

The looming energy crisis is one of the more prevalent topics that people tend to underestimate or sweep under the rug thanks to its slow impact on our daily lives. It is also because of being a matter not pressing enough that people often times look upon it without any air of urgency in resolving the matter before it’s too late. And like what has happened with the warnings and the awareness campaign that has been raised for global warming which people seemed to have neglected or have gone unheeded, the looming threat of energy shortage might follow the same fate.

In the United States alone, a record-breaking 100 quadrillion BTUs were used in the year 2005 alone thrice as much as what Americans were consuming back in the 1950s. This sort of power usage is pretty scary and might really send us spiraling down into a world devoid of light. We might even end up reverting back to the use of outdoor fire pit for cooking our food and getting our source of warmth and light.

Aside from this there is also the problem of the raw materials that are being used in order to create electricity and energy to power our homes and illuminate our dark nights. From the aforementioned 2005 energy survey and study which yielded a total of 100 quadrillion BTUs used for the said year, 40% of the raw material used was petroleum fossil fuels. While 23% came from coal while another 23% was taken from natural gas finally, the US have also utilized 8.4% from nuclear power and an added 7.3% coming from various renewable energy including solar, wind, hydroelectric dams and so much more.

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Currently there are two problems that we are facing right now. One is the massive and unregulated use of energy and the second is finding or replacing our current sources of energy. Since we all don’t want to live by an outdoor fire pit in the next couple of decade it is imperative that we find a way to counteract and fight back and make some drastic actions before it really is too late for any of us to do anything. Nuclear energy is too much of a ticking time bomb and surely we don’t want to have another Chernobyl incident occurring in our home town. This is why it is important to raise awareness on this looming threat to help stop it before the next generation suffers the consequence of our actions today.

Here are some tips on how to raise awareness on energy efficiency:

1. Go online – going online and connecting with other people through the myriad of social networks can be helpful in getting more people to listen and find out what they can do to help out in becoming energy- efficient.

2. Go viral – in our current society, Youtube and other video streaming sites help create your 15 minutes of fame. Your creativity is the only that can hamper you. Do a cartoon video describing the possible effects of energy wastage or go do a Video Blog about some helpful ways in tackling the looming energy crisis.

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