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Submitted by: John Daviz

Whether you’re a skilled workers or not tools are so important in our lives. There are so many different kinds of tools – mechanical, electrical, engineering tools, electronic and a lot more – for any purposes. You can see lots of different tools from your home to almost every corner of the universe. Since the very first day William Gilbert discovered electricity, there were lots of innovations (related to electricity) until today we have this we call electric power tools.

There are two types of electric power tools – stationary and portable. Those very huge, heavy and very hard to move from one place to another are belongs to stationary. Most likely you can see this of tools on some big industrial companies. One example is an electrical company that generates and supply electricity in a big city. Another one is a nuclear plant – there you can see this big and hard to move electric power tools.

Electric power tools that are light to carry, handy, and can be easily keep in every corner of our house – are considered portable tools. Compared to stationary tools, this is of course affordable because it is cheaper. These kinds of tools are mostly likely found in our home, different servicing shops and commonly displayed for sale on our department stores, and different hardware and automotive stores.

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Today, there are so many electric power tools available and widely displayed – for sale in the market. Some are locally made – which are cheaper, and imported one – which is expensive. Sometimes the buying publics confuse what to buy. Some cheaper tools are not performing well and easily are broken, but there is also expensive (imported) tools that will not function well as you never expected like the local-made.

There are so many useful tools that we commonly use in our home. One of these is circular saw – this is known on skilled workers using this tool because of its effectiveness. This tool is somewhat like an all purpose when it comes to sawing purposes. This is very useful due to the fact that it can slash surfaces of any kind – whether metal, wood or sand stone.

Another useful power tool is electric drill. You can choose between single and the dual one – single for either drill or a screw driver and dual for both purposes. You can use it to drill hole and anchor on the wall same time. Jigsaw – this kind of electric power tool is also very useful for slitting different curves and points.

If you have problems on loosing and stiffening of bolts and nuts you can count on impact wrench – aside from being useful it is very handy. This is the kind of tool you can rely when talking of bolt and nuts too stiff that time forgot – when you loosen it.

Any tools – electric power or manually driven tools – matter on its usage. Why use and buy power tools when you would be working on places that have no electricity? Obviously I would use manual-driven tools. Of these two different driven-tools, manually-driven has lots of beneficial features than of electric power tools – manually-driven is the most useful one.

You can only use power-driven tools when it has an existing power line in your working place – no electricity no electric power tools.

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