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400-051 Practice Questions


Adila MasihQuestion: 1

Company ABC is planning to migrate from Cisco MCS-hosted Cisco Unified Communications Manager applications to Cisco UC on UCS B-Series servers. Which statement about external media supportability is true for this migration?

A. The Cisco Music on Hold USB audio sound card on the MCS servers will continue to work on the USB ports on the UCS server.

B. The Cisco Music on Hold USB audio sound card on the MCS servers will continue to work through the USB ports on the Cisco UCS server KVM dongle cable adaptor connected to the front of the UCS server.C. The Cisco Music on Hold USB audio sound card on the MCS servers will not work on the UCS server.D. The Cisco Music on Hold USB audio sound card can be mapped to a virtual USB port on a VMware virtual machine on the UCS server.E. The Cisco Music on Hold USB audio sound card can be mapped to a virtual serial port on a VMware virtual machine on the UCS server.

Answer: C

Question: 2

Refer to the exhibit.

All displayed devices are registered to the same Cisco Unified Communications Manager server and the phones are engaged in an active call. Assume that the provided configurations exist at the phone line level and multicast MOH is disabled cluster wide.

Which description of what will happen when the user of IP phone B presses the Transfer soft key is true?

A. IP phone A user hears audio source 3 from MOH server A.

B. IP phone A user hears audio source 4 from MOH server B.C. IP phone A user hears audio source 3 from MOH server B.D. IP phone A user hears tone on-hold beep tones.E. IP phone A user hears no on-hold music or beep tones.

Answer: E

Question: 3

Which codec complexity mode, when deployed on Cisco IOS routers with DSPs using the C5510 chipset, supports the most G.711 calls per DSP?

A. Low

B. MediumC. HighD. SecureE. Flex

Answer: E

Question: 4

When DSP oversubscription occurs on a Cisco IOS router using DSP modules that are based on the C5510 chipset, what will happen when an analog phone connected to a FXS port goes off-hook?

A. A fast busy tone will be played.

B. A slow busy tone will be played.C. A network busy tone will be played.D. A dial tone will be played, but digits will not be processed.E. No tone will be played.

Answer: E

Question: 5

Refer to the exhibit.

From this NFAS-enabled T1 PRI configuration on a Cisco IOS router, how many bearer channels are available to carry voice traffic?

A. 91

YouTube Preview Image

B. 92C. 93D. 94E. 95

Answer: D

Question: 6

In a Cisco Unified Communications Manager system, which three locations does the TFTP server search when a device requests a configuration file from a TFTP server? (Choose three.)

A. internal caches

B. local diskC. alternate file serverD. NFS serverE. FTP serverF. load server

Answer: A, B, C

Question: 7

Which three message types for RTCP are valid? (Choose three.)

A. sender report

B. end of participationC. source descriptionD. sender codecE. receiver packetsF. average MOS

Answer: A, B, C

Question: 8

Which three components are required when configuring the Cisco Unified Communications Manager for time-of-day routing? (Choose three.)

A. Partition

B. Time PeriodC. Time ScheduleD. Time ZoneE. Date Time Group

Answer: A, B, C

Question: 9

Which two steps must be taken when configuring EMCC? (Choose two.)

A. An SFTP server that all clusters share must be set up.

B. Certificates from all remote clusters must be imported into each cluster.C. Cross-cluster Enhanced Location CAC must be configured.D. End users must be configured to only exist in their home cluster.E. A device pool for EMCC phones must be configured.F. Define MLPP domains.

Answer: A, B

Question: 10

Which two settings must be the same between the backup source and restore target with DRS in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.)

A. Server Hostname

B. Server IP AddressC. Cluster Security PasswordD. NTP ServersE. Domain NameF. Certificate Information

Answer: A, B

Question: 11

Which two rules apply to MMOH in SRST? (Choose two.)

A. A maximum of three MOH groups are allowed.

B. Cisco Unified SRST voice gateway allows you to associate phones with different MOH groups on the basis of their IP address to receive different MOH media streams.C. A maximum of five media streams are allowed.D. Cisco Unified SRST voice gateway allows you to associate phones with different MOH groups on the basis of their MAC address to receive different MOH media streams.E. Cisco Unified SRST voice gateway allows you to associate phones with different MOH groups on the basis of their extension numbers to receive different MOH media streams.

Answer: C, E

Question: 12

Which two QoS guidelines are recommended for provisioning interactive video traffic? (Choose two.)

A. Latency should be no more than 45 seconds.

B. Overprovision interactive video queues by 20% to accommodate bursts.C. Loss should be no more than 5%.D. Interactive video should be marked to DSCP CS4.E. Jitter should be no more than 30 ms.

Answer: B, E

Question: 13

Which two clock rates does Performance Monitor use to calculate RTP jitter values? (Choose two.)

A. PCMU (G.711 mu-law) , 8000 Hz

B. PCMU (G.711 mu-law) , 32000 HzC. PCMA (G.711 A-law) , 16000 HzD. H.263 , 90,000 HzE. H.263 , 64,000 Hz

Answer: A, D

Question: 14

Which TFTP server address selection option has the highest precedence on Cisco SCCP IP phones using firmware release 8.0(4) or later?

A. a manually configured alternate TFTP option on the phone

B. the first Option 150 IP address received from the DHCP serverC. the first Option 66 dotted decimal IP address received from the DHCP serverD. the first IPv6 TFTP Server address received from the DHCP serverE. the value of next-server IP address in the boot-up process

Answer: A

Question: 15

Which Cisco IOS multipoint video conferencing profile attempts to reserve DSPs only when it is activated with an actual conference?

A. homogeneous

B. guaranteed-audioC. rendezvousD. heterogeneousE. flex mode video

Answer: B

Question: 16

Which Cisco IOS multipoint video conferencing profile reserves DSPs when it is created in the configuration?

A. flex mode video

B. guaranteed-audioC. rendezvousD. heterogeneousE. guaranteed-video

Answer: D

Question: 17

Which statement describes how much of the DSP resources are reserved for video conference when voice-service dsp-reservation 40 is configured on a Cisco Integrated Router Generation 2 with packet voice and video digital signal processor 3?

A. 60% of the total available DSP resources

B. 40% of the total available DSP resourcesC. 50% of the total available DSP resourcesD. Video conferencing resources are reserved dynamically by Cisco IOS and cannot be changed.E. This command is used for voice resource reservation only.

Answer: A

Question: 18

Which statement describes a video conference viewing mode on a Cisco Integrated Router Generation 2 with packet voice and video digital signal processor 3 that is configured to work with Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A. Video of one participant is displayed to all other video capable participants in a round-robin manner.

B. Video of the loudest speaker is displayed across all video capable participants.C. Video of one participant, except for those with mute enabled, is displayed to all other video capable participants in a round-robin manner.D. The dedicated conference lecturer can one participant at a time, while all others can only see the lecturer.E. Video of one participant is displayed to all other video capable participants in a random manner using an algorithm hard-coded in Cisco IOS.

Answer: B

Question: 19

Refer to the exhibit.

Which out-of-dialog SIP OPTIONS ping response put dial-peer tag 1111 into its current operational state?

A. 401 Unauthorized

B. 505 Version Not SupportedC. 406 Not AcceptableD. 482 Loop DetectedE. 500 Server Internal Error

Answer: B

Question: 20

Refer to the exhibit.

Which three Ethernet Setup Administrator Settings are manually configurable locally on the Cisco 9971 IP phone? (Choose three)

A. Operational VLAN Id

B. Admin VLAN IdC. PC VLAND. SW Port SetupE. PC Port Setup

Answer: B, D, E

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Expected To Intensify In Japan Caused By Seabed Mining Compete For Resources With China And South

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Expected to intensify in Japan caused by seabed mining compete for resources with China and South



Japan intends to step up the easternmost island in the South Bird Island offshore survey seabed resources, said the department is rich in rare metals and other minerals, which will lead to Japan,

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, China and South Korea, competition for resources between.

South Bird Island is a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean, about 2,000 km from Tokyo (1250 miles). “Japanese Economic News” reported that the Japanese government plans starting from April 12-month period, the waters near Bird Island in the South launched a full investigation.

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Reported that the South Bird Island near the sea-bed deposits of rare earth high-tech industry needs ore and manganese, cobalt, nickel, platinum, neodymium and other minerals. Japan’s national oil,

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, gas and metal mining company has launched a preliminary investigation of this water, but the Japanese government has decided to directly under the jurisdiction of this plan.

It is reported that in the next fiscal year, the Japanese government plans to allocate 6.8 billion yen (about 100 million 800 million of zero dollars), started the development of seabed mineral resources and related activities.

South Bird Island has not yet emerged to compete for resources with neighboring countries of Japan’s case, but in other countries of the South Korean waters around Bird Island expressed concern about the seabed resources.

Diaoyu Islands have taken place since last year caused the collision strained Sino-Japanese relations, China was to restrict the export of rare earth in Japan, the Japanese side to keep trying various methods for stable and reliable source of rare earth.

According to reports, the international rules is likely excavation was released in July, the Japanese want to do as soon as possible the preparation of applications for mining,

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, etc., can with China, Korea and other neighboring countries in areas outside the exclusive economic zone to develop competition. Source: http://www.mhcmp.com


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How To Choose Excavation Contractors}

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Submitted by: Sorge Avis

Modern technology and methods have made construction tasks easier and more efficient. Construction projects like excavations are no exemption.

This important activity cannot be achieved successfully without the support of the advanced tools and equipment and the experience and expertise of excavation contractors.

The availability of good excavation contractors in Calgary has offered a chance to many property owners in the area to enjoy impeccable quality excavation services. If you are planning constructions for your residential property, then excavation in Calgary is something that you are going to require. Depending on your site, your service needs might vary from simple digging to other services like post holes in Calgary and bobcat service in Calgary. Whatever your project is, it is very important to select the right excavation provider. This will assure the success of your construction project.

How to Choose Excavation Contractors

YouTube Preview Image

Choose a contractor who has experience in the industry

Excavation companies have different specializations and work practices. But the question is how to choose one? First, be sure that you are consulting an excavating company that has been in the business for many years and has list of many satisfied clients in the past. The contractor should possess years of experience and have a trained team who can always give excellent quality work. A number of contractors are there which provide services to residential and commercial sectors as well. Choose a company that is well experienced in evaluating and completing excavation jobs. An expert will not only have command over his/her job description but will also be able to guide you on other aspects of structural engineering.

Hire an excavation company that has the right equipment for the jo

Be sure that the company you choose has all the necessary excavation equipment to handle the excavation, landscaping in Cochrane, and septic fields in Alberta. For instance it is not correct choosing large-scale excavation companies that consist of equipment that are too large to access your backyard or property.

Not all construction equipment is the same and equipment that will work for most jobs might not be the specific piece necessary to do the job you need. Figuring out which contracting company has the proper equipment and efficiency to operate is a large factor in determining how happy you will be with the finished work.

Where to Look for the Right Excavation Contracto

To find a good list of excavation companies and service providers, all you have to do is check online. The Internet is the best option and fastest way today to find quality excavation contractors. There are a large number of company websites which display a long list of contractors along with their services, prices, and other details like specialized equipment.

You can also ask friends, neighbors, family, and coworkers who might know of reputable excavation contractors in your area. Compare all these and opt for a company that is offering quality services at affordable rates. Always research and look at the companys previous works so you can make an informed decision.

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Triveni Infrastructure Housing Group In Real Estate

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Triveni Infrastructure Housing Group In Real Estate



Given the financial and real estate figures of the final year or so, more and more citizens have come to recognize the potential perils involved with purchasing a home. That is not to think that acquiring a home is an unwise money. Peaceful, to the contrary, it is still one of the best investments you can make, but only when you know a few basic principles, especially if you are earning a purchase as a first time home buyer.

Maybe you and your friends and family like to play friends and family games and watch movies for the weekends. Next your home will need a large household room meant for the family to be secure with a view to play one’s games and watch their movies. To the former hand, it might seem simply just you and your spouse. You like towards cuddle by the fireplace on the couch and then read books to each other. Your home will need your fireplace including a library in order to fit the following have to have.

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If this article still doesn’t answer your specific triveni infrastructure real estate delhi quest, then don’t forget that you can conduct more search on any of the major search engines like Search. To get specific triveni infrastructure real estate delhi information.

Hiring a plumbing contractor can also assist new homeowners ascertain if the pipes and water heater is in reliable problem. They can tell you if any pipes are corroded or rusted and let you know if they recommend replacement. Plumbers will verify water valves and look for signs of leakage and following mold success.

That would be a bright move when you have someone who is expert to accompany you in your house look, specially if you are the first home buyer. For example, you can simply find out what possible damage you need to repair after your purchase. As your allowance is not so tight, hiring a professional inspector can be the way this you will be able to find the dreaming house.

Getting a home can be a long, complicated and horrible process, and it is necessary to be educated. Knowledge is power when it comes to negotiating the complex world of home prices, rates of interest and mortgage loans. For a newbie home buyer, there are various facts take into consideration before you purchase. The more information you can gather before you start shopping, the better off you will be.

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Digging Equipment Makes Difficult Work Much Easier.

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Digging equipment makes difficult work much easier.



Trenchers are dug for various reasons. For the reason of laying pipes and cables as well as for drainage uses trenchers are been dug. The digging equipment known as the trencher makes digging trenches very much easier and faster. Trenches come in various sizes. The walk behind model is the smallest in size of all the trenches while the major of all is the trencher with attachments for a skid loader or tractor.

Each category of trencher uses a different digging implement. This totally depends on the coverage or the width and length of the trench and as well the hardness of the surface which has to be cut



YouTube Preview Image

Trenches are quite risky. Accidents of the nature could even be fatal. so persons handling trenches, especially inexperienced workman should be extremely alert when handling this equipment. Not only the one who is operating the machine, but the people who are nearby too could get injured if the handling of the equipment is not done properly. A thorough knowledge of the machine and also the cation of it and how to use it is very vital to handle such machinery.

There is a wide range of types of digging equipment. Trench digging equipment or simply trenches come in various types such as wheel trencher, chain trencher, rockwheel and the portable trencher.

A portable trencher is normally used for landscaping and lawn care. Landscape edging and irrigation lines are been fitted with the use of portable trenchers.

Utility connection such as coaxial cables which want very shallow, near- to- surface digging is fixed with the use of portable trenchers. These machines weigh about 100Kg, and as their light weighted, they are much easier to manipulate than the other types of heavy trenchers. A blade similar to a rotary lawn mower or a chain might be the cutting implement. It usually rotates in a vertical plane.

A chain trencher is a machine that is driven around a rounded metal frame, or boom. The chain trencher cuts with a cutting chain

Spuling af kloak


A rockwheel is typically a giant spherical saw. It is a toothed metal wheel. The rockwheel can cut very hard surfaces which couldn t be cut with a chain trencher and also it can cut unyielding stone.


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