none Two die in two-car crash near Connel, Scotland">
Two die in two-car crash near Connel, Scotland

Friday, August 2, 2013

A man and a woman have been killed in a road traffic accident near Connel in the west of Scotland. Seven people, including three children, were also injured in the head-on collision on the A85 road in Argyll at approximately 1830 BST (1730 UTC) yesterday.

A 74-year-old female passenger of a blue Honda CRV and a 32-year-old male passenger of a blue Vauxhall Vectra died at the scene of the crash. The Vauxhall driver, a 32-year-old woman, was transported by helicopter to Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital, where she is reportedly in a critical albeit stable condition.

Three child passengers in the Vauxhall, aged fourteen, five and two, were taken to Oban Hospital and given treatment for minor injuries, as were the Honda’s 51-year-old female driver and two female passengers aged 49 and 46.

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said hydraulic cutting equipment was used during rescue efforts. “Ambulance personnel and police officers worked closely with our team throughout the incident but sadly one passenger from each car lost their life”, the spokesperson continued. “The thoughts of all emergency responders who were at the scene will be with the casualties and their loved ones as they attempt to come to terms with what has happened.”

Police have appealed for potential witnesses to contact them.

none Abu Musab al-Zarqawi killed in airstrike">
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi killed in airstrike

Thursday, June 8, 2006

The head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has been killed in an air strike on a building north of Baqubah city, according to the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki.

“Today [sic] Zarqawi has been terminated,” he said Thursday, and suggested the man the United States had placed a $25 million price tag on for death or capture was located through intelligence.

“What happened today is a result of co-operation for which we have been asking from our masses and the citizens of our country,” he said.

The leader of coalition forces in Iraq, General George Casey said al-Zarqawi was killed in a two-storey safehouse about 8 km north of the city in Diyala province.

Several aides also died with him in the Wednesday evening raid by U.S. F-16 warplanes, including his key lieutenant and spiritual adviser Sheik Abdul Rahman. Some analysts believe a US counter-terrorism unit, Task Force 145, was involved in the attack.

Al-Zarqawi’s body, recovered after two 500-pound bombs had blown through his cover, was identified through fingerprint, tattoo and scar analysis and head likeness. Al-Zarqawi, whose real name was Ahmed Fadhil Nazzal al-Khalayleh, was believed to be in his late 30s when he died of injuries while US forces gave medical aid.

The first munition exploded at 6:15pm was a GBU-12 laser-guided bomb that was shortly followed by the newer GBU-38; both carried 500lb of explosives for total cost of $40,000.

The self-proclaimed frontman for Osama Bin Laden’s activities in Iraq, al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian national, is said to have been involved in the beheading of foreigners, hundreds of suicide attacks, and an insurgency against coalition forces after the Iraq war in 2003.

It had been reported Al-Zarqawi’s most recent campaign was to create problems between Shi’ite and Sunni groups in Iraq with ethnic killings.

For the Iraqi government the killing of the wanted murderer is what they sought but it remains unknown what effect the removal of this known figurehead of the Iraq insurgency will have on levels of violence in the country. Al-Zarqawi was not the only person to oppose the US-backed Iraqi government.

“Zarqawi didn’t have a number two. I can’t think of any single person who would succeed Zarqawi…In terms of effectiveness, there was no single leader in Iraq who could match his ruthlessness and his determination,” was the view of Rohan Gumaratna at the Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies in Singapore.

Applause was heard as Mr Maliki, with U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and U.S. Gen. George Casey, by his side, told news reporters “al-Zarqawi was terminated.”

Sources claiming to be Al-Qaeda in Iraq later confirmed that al-Zarqawi had been killed and said that they would fight the United States and the interim Iraqi government despite his death.

United States President George Bush spoke to journalists in the White House Rose Garden about al-Zarqawi’s death. “Zarqawi’s death is a severe blow to al-Qaeda. It’s a victory in the global war on terror, and it is an opportunity for Iraq’s new government to turn the tide of this struggle,” he said.

The US military also confirmed that six people were killed in the strike, including al-Zarqawi, and his spiritual adviser Sheikh Abd-al-Rahman The death toll is reported at three men, three women.[1] Some reports had said al-Zarqawi’s wife and daughter died. However U.S. officials state that there is no evidence confirming the death of al-Zarqawi’s wife and daughter.

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Paintings worth millions of Swiss francs stolen in Zürich

Monday, February 11, 2008

On Sunday evening, around 16:30 local time, three armed men wearing ski masks stole four paintings: Claude Monet‘s “Poppy field at Vetheuil,” Edgar Degas‘ “Ludovic Lepic and his Daughter,” Vincent van Gogh‘s “Blooming Chestnut Branches” and Paul Cezanne‘s “Boy in the Red Waistcoat” from Foundation E.G. Bührle museum in Zürich, Switzerland.

The three armed robbers entered the museum half an hour before closing. One man with a pistol forced employees to the ground while the other two men stole the paintings. The whole ordeal lasted only 3 minutes. The men then proceeded to a van and left.

The four paintings are worth a total of 163 million US dollars. It’s said that it would be hard to sell the stolen paintings on the open market due to the popularity of the paintings. There is a reward of 90 thousand US dollars for the artwork.

The robbers, who were still at large, stole the paintings Sunday from the E.G. Bührle Collection, one of Europe’s finest private museums for Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art, police said.

It was the largest art robbery in Swiss history and one of the biggest ever in Europe, said Marco Cortesi, spokesman for the Zürich police. He compared it to the theft in 2004 of Edvard Munch‘s The Scream and Madonna from the Munch Museum in Norway.

Last week, Swiss police reported that two Pablo Picasso paintings were stolen from a Swiss exhibition near Zurich.

none 20 dead in Hyderabad, India flyover collapse">
20 dead in Hyderabad, India flyover collapse

Sunday, September 9, 2007

At least 20 people have died and 20 more are injured after a partially constructed flyover (overpass) in Hyderabad, India collapsed onto traffic.

The disaster occurred at the Panjagutta junction, near Nagarjuna Circle. Two large concrete sections dropped onto oncoming cars and motorised rickshaws, damaging several severely.

A large emergency effort was immediately activated, but experienced severe difficulties in reaching the site due to congested traffic resulting from the collapse. Ambulances from the 108 EMRI Service and Appollo Hospitals attended the scene, and rushed the injured to a variety of nearby hospitals. All the region’s major hospitals, particularly the nearby Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, have placed their medical staff on emergency alert. Rescuers are now using cranes and cutting equipment in an effort to reach anyone who may still be trapped. It is expected that the death toll could rise further as many vehicles remain trapped under tons of debris.

Various politicians also attended the scene, including the local district collector, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy, Senior Congress Leader and MLA from Khairathabad P Janardhan Reddy and several other ministers.

Police have asked both the public and the press to keep away from the area, in order to prevent further collapse of the unstable structure. Preliminary investigations suggest the flyover had been been poorly constructed. The construction project had been carried out by leading contractor Gammon India Limited. It had been delayed, the original foundations having been built in 2005. After a successful request by the company to have the deadline for the project extended, work was slated to cease in November of this year, with the flyover entering operation by December. It is believed heavy rains in the area a few hours prior to the collapse may have contributed to the disaster.

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none Using Natural Health Remedies to Target Your Health Through

Health remedies are among the most important things you can utilize to gain full control of your health. Those that are natural are even better for you then others. Your health is all you have and you need to care for it in any way you can. Health remedies are available to help you to do this.

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The way we live our lives shows much we value our health. Think of it like this. Once you damage your brand new car, no matter how much fixing and repairing you do to it, it will never be the same new car. The same goes for your health. No amount of health remedies can replace the health you once had. So, instead of wasting away your life with illness and improper care of your health, you should invest the time to get the information you need to have a healthy, full life!

If you are sick, you probably take a trip to see the doctor. But, what if the way you are living is what is causing your health to drop? Do you eat the right way? Do you exercise regularly? While many people have good intentions of doing these things, we often take a step sideway when it comes to convenience and knowing what the best course of action actually is. What you need is information. You need information about how to eat correctly. You need someone to tell you what exercises you need to do and how often. But, where can you find this information? Sure, you can sell your soul to a trainer and have them handle it for you, or you can find the information online.

Let’s say that you are sick and you do go to the doctor. Do you feel comfortable taking the drugs that the doctor prescribed? Many of us do no know any different then just taking them. But, there are side effects to most drugs. In some cases, the side effects can do damage to your body in the long run. But, there are other options available to you. One way to improve your health is through the use of natural health remedies. You can find natural health remedies available for many of the common ailments that you suffer from.

While it is not easy to admit that most of us need help in managing our health, we have to do it. Health is what keeps us working each day. Health is what keeps us enjoying the things we love. Health remedies can be a great way to enhance your health, but you need the information about them to truly have them help you. Finding this information does not have to be difficult though. You can find it throughout the internet.

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none Laparoscopic Roux en Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass has been around for many years now and, despite its age, it remains a firm favorite with many weight loss patients. In spite of its age the procedure has kept up with modern demands and many surgeons are now carrying out the operation laparoscopically.

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The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass operation is the oldest and best known form of weight loss surgery and, despite the fact that other procedures have been developed in recent years, it still remains a firm favorite with many patients. It is also one of the few forms of weight loss surgery which the majority of insurance companies will authorize without too much difficulty.

In many ways the success of the Roux-en-Y lies in the very fact that it has been around for many years and so has a proven track record. It is also a procedure which many bariatric surgeons have grown up with and are skilled at practicing. This said, the Roux-en-Y has not ‘stood still’ and today an increasing number of surgeons are performing this traditionally open form of surgery laparoscopically.

The Roux-en-Y involves a three stage process.

First, the stomach is divided to create a small portion, or pouch, to act as the new ‘working’ stomach. This severely restricts the amount of food that the patient can eat and so the calories that can be introduced into the body.

Next, the intestine is divided so that about fifteen to twenty percent of the small intestine is bypassed, shortening the normal twenty feet of intestine to approximately sixteen or seventeen feet.

Finally, the bypassed section of the small intestine is connected to the lower intestine to allow the necessary digestive juices to mix with food as it passes through the intestine.

The principal of the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is that it creates weight loss by both restricting the quantity of food which the patient can eat and reducing the absorption of calories from food passing through the digestive system.

It is this reduction in the absorption of calories within the digest system which makes the Roux-en-Y a better option for some patients than simple restrictive surgery such as laparoscopic gastric banding. The bypass in the case of the Roux-en-Y is also relatively short and this makes it a safer option than surgeries involving a duodenal switch and far greater bypass of the intestinal tract.

Like any other form of surgery, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery is not without its risks but, overall, these are considered to be acceptable to most patients and a fair price to pay for some excellent resultsPsychology Articles, which can typically see a loss of about seventy percent of excess weight.

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none Caravan Fire Safety

This article provides information about caravan fire safety. It is imprtant to remind caravan owners that they can be a fire hazard.

Many people just don’t consider the risk of a caravan fire but whether you have a touring caravan or a static park home fire safety is critically important. Caravans and motor homes, and indeed boats and horseboxes with living accommodation, are often made from relatively combustible materials and so pose a proportionally greater fire risk than almost any other type of dwelling.

More on touring caravans here

The causes of caravan fires are similar to those in the home but because caravans are smaller, high in wood content and have fewer partitions, fire spreads at a devastating rate. Most modern caravans are fitted with fire retardant upholstery and also with smoke alarms, but fires still happen. A burning cigarette in contact with a curtain could have a caravan well alight in minutes. 

As always with fire, smoke inhalation rather than the actual fire causes the most injuries.

Causes of caravan fires include:

Unattended cooking.

Chip pan fires are very dangerous because there is little distance between ceiling and hob.

Smoking: falling asleep whilst smoking, dropping ash or not extinguishing cigarette properly.

Electrical faults in appliances or their wiring. Size constraints can cause problems ie flexes of electrical appliances falling into gas flame of cooker.

Upholstery eg cushions or curtains leaning against heaters.


Do not leave children alone in kitchen when cooking

Always take extra care with hot oil

Keep matches and saucepan handles out of children’s reach

Make sure candles are in secure holders and never leave them unattended

Make sure that cigarettes are stubbed out properly and disposed of carefullyFree Reprint Articles, NEVER smoke in bed.

Do not overload electrical sockets

Ensure that all upholstery is in good condition.

Fit a recommended smoke alarm and check the batteries at least once a year. Clean alarms after periods of storage as dirt may prevent the alarm from working. Fireangel have a selection of high quality smoke alarms:

Have an escape plan for every occupied sleeping area and make sure everyone knows about it.

Ensure that all windows and doors are easy to open and that nothing obscures these exit routes.

If possible turn gas cylinders off at night and if possible use electricity instead of gas to power heaters.

Thoroughly check all gas appliances regularly for faults and leaks.

Leave a gap of at least six metres between caravans.

Check out the fire procedures on sites.

Buying a smoke alarm could help save the lives of you and your family.

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none Left-wing EU parliament candidates debate in Cardiff">
Left-wing EU parliament candidates debate in Cardiff

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cardiff, Wales —Labour, Plaid Cymru, and No2EU candidates for the Wales seats in the European Parliament met at Cardiff‘s Sandringham Hotel last night for the second of two pre-election hustings debates hosted by Cardiff Trades Union Congress. Cardiff TUC president Katrine Williams moderated as Derek Vaughan of the Labour Party, Jill Evans MEP of Plaid Cymru, and Rob Griffiths of the No2EU coalition, the tops of their respective lists, took questions from an audience of 22 composed largely of socialist activists and trade union members.

Candidates from the Tories, Liberal Democrats, and Green Party were not invited to the evening debate, although the Liberal Democrats did take part in the TUC’s debate earlier in the day. Ms Williams explained that the Liberal Democrats and Tories had been excluded because “we wanted to have candidates more representative of trade unions” but that not inviting the Greens had been “an oversight” due to the less prominent tradition of green politics in Wales. The BNP, UKIP and some minor parties also did not take part.

In opening statements, the three candidates discussed their records and their goals for the European Parliament. Mr Vaughan, leader of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, asserted the pro-organised labour credentials of the Labour Party, which has been under fire for several years from the left, and noted that Labour, which currently controls two of Wales’s four seats in the EU Parliament, has brought £1.5 billion to Wales, with a comparable amount to come in the future. Calling the BNP “Nazis” and comparing the British political situation to that in Germany in the 1930s, Vaughan called for the parties of the left to rally behind Labour in order to ensure that the BNP did not obtain any seats in Wales; but he expressed resignation to the likelihood that the BNP would earn a seat in North West England.

Ms Evans, meanwhile, who has been an MEP for ten years, announced her opposition to the pro-privatisation current in the EU and pledged that Plaid would support a new program of public investment and pro-organised labour revisions of EU directives, particularly the Posted Workers Directive.

Mr Griffiths, meanwhile, who is General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain, took a position urging radical reform of the European Union. The Lisbon Treaty, which he characterised as a re-branding of the European Constitution, would, he argued, enshrine neo-liberal policies in Europe and impose them on its member states in a way that was irreversible — “at least by any constitutional means”. Calling for a “social Europe” as opposed to a “United States of Europe“, Griffiths suggested that the creation of a European Defence Agency and the actions of the European Court of Justice were being used to turn the European Union into a capitalist “empire” akin to the United States.

Discussion of the ongoing UK parliamentary expenses scandal and its implications for MEPs, who draw salaries and expenses considerably higher than Westminster MPs do, dominated the early discussion. The Labour candidate expressed the position that the problems in accountability leading to the scandal had been fixed; his opponents noted that of the parties currently representing Britain in Brussels, only Labour has not yet disclosed their expenses (although Mr Vaughan states that the party will begin to do so soon) and Mr Griffiths furthermore declared that the scandal was part of a wider problem: the corruption of the political system by big business.

On the subject of a common European defence policy the three candidates supported widely differing views. The No2EU candidate stated plainly that he considers Europe not to be threatened, and said that a European defence force would be used for foreign adventures in Afghanistan, Africa, and elsewhere in the developing world while at the same time building up the armaments industry in Europe. Ms Evans, meanwhile, argued that the proper role of a common EU force would be as a “civil force” supporting conflict prevention and conflict resolution operations, and also called for the abolition of NATO. Mr Vaughan finished the second round of questioning arguing that a common European armed force should be an alternative to the “US-dominated” NATO, but also stated the importance of bilateral alliances in building up a common European defence force, citing the Franco-German Brigade of the Eurocorps as an example.

Debate ended on the contentious question of MEP salaries, with one member of the audience challenging the three candidates to pledge to accept a wage, if they won, equal to the average wage of their constituents. Ms Evans agreed that the set wage, currently £63,000 rising to £73,000 in 2010, was “too high”, but would not commit to a so-called “worker’s wage”, under heavy criticism from the audience. Mr Vaughan, following, called it “not fair” to ask MEPs to take such a pledge but asserted “I have never been motivated by money” and finished his part in the debate with a call to elect more left-wing socialist MEPs. Mr Griffiths, whose No2EU coalition has made a worker’s wage for MEPs part of their election manifesto, readily pledged to hold to a living wage, albeit not necessarily one equal to the average wage of his constituents, and described some of the difficulties associated with refusing an EU salary, noting that initially No2EU had proposed that its MEPs should draw no salary and claim no expenses from Europe but the coalition’s legal advisors had said that to do so would endanger the status of any of its members as MEPs.

Voting for the European Parliament elections in the United Kingdom takes place June 4.

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