Keeping Down The Cost Of Your Car Insurance

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Submitted by: Thomas Kerrin

If you are a road user, you’re required by law to have at least third party insurance, covering damage done to others as a result of your driving. It is always a costly burden, and a time-consuming exercise to look around and find the right policy. But there are things that you can do to lower your premiums and make it that bit easier.

To begin with, it is a good idea to get your quotes online through car insurance brokers. Their computer systems will search for the best quotes from dozens of insurers and save you time and effort. When you get the cheapest quote, phone the company which provides it to talk to them in more detail.

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Of course, some of the factors which insurers take into account when giving you a quote are effectively out of control. For instance, you premium can be influenced by your job: if you are a landlord, a journalist or a professional footballer you’ll have to pay more, whereas accountants and civil servants pay less. Younger motorists are penalised too as insurers deem them to be more of a risk; however, you’ll also face higher rates from most insurers if you are over sixty! Insurers will usually offer lower premiums to married couples too.

But all is not lost if you are in one of the disadvantaged brackets you can still make a big effort to significantly lighten your car insurance burden. Taking measures to increase your vehicle’s security will seriously pay off. Cars which are left on the road at night are more susceptible to theft and damage, so if you have a garage then keep it locked in there you will be rewarded with a better rate if you do. Similarly, by having an immobiliser or alarm installed you’ll be able to get a discount. Having a sat nav system installed will also save you money as insurers are beginning to give discounts for those who use them because they allow motorists to focus more clearly on the road and thereby reduce the chances of having an accident.

New drivers may benefit from taking extra lessons with the Pass Plus or a similar scheme. You can make a big saving of as much as 35% by doing this therefore it will be worth the investment. Agreeing to pay a higher excess will be beneficial to you in lowering your premiums too. When buying a vehicle, check to see what insurance bracket it fits in. Look into pay as you go insurance, which charges you based on how far you travel this may be the best option for you. Reducing your annual mileage can get you a big saving too, as if you use your car less frequently the chances of having an accident will obviously be cut.

If you bear in mind all these things when looking for car insurance, you will be able to find a better rate.

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Universal Laws Of Success Use Your Will To Achieve Anything}

Universal Laws of Success – Use Your Will To Achieve Anything


Ray Stendall

How strong is your will? Are you someone who gives up quickly on goals? Successful people all around the globe have one very important trait in common: an iron clad will to achieve their goals. How strong is your will? Do you often give up or are you someone who persists until the job is complete.

How do most people set goals?90% of people set goals based on what they think they can accomplish or what they know they can accomplish but not on what they really desire to have in their life. This is very disappointing because it promotes the stagnation and prompts very limited growth. Real growth occurs when you leave your comfort zone and take a calculated risk. Why do most people give up on their goals and dreams?Most people give up on their goals and their dreams because they either 1) are fearful that they will fail, or 2) experience a minor setback and decide to give up because they perceive the situation as too difficult. Is anything really worth while in life very easy to get? Think about the relationships you have in your life with family, friends and your significant other. These relationships require work. The business that you have or the employer that you work with requires effort on your part to sustain and grow. Anything that comes too easily, frequently is also easily lost. If you don’t believe me take a look at the statistics of people who win the lottery. Within a couple years they have lost every thing they have won. There’s an old expression that anything you have not earned you have not earned the right to keep.Do you really want “it”?Many people give up on their goals and dreams because they don’t really want them. If an individual has not become emotionally involved in acquiring a goal that they seek, there is a very high possibility that they will give up. Ask yourself what are some of your New Year’s resolutions from past years. Did you complete all of them? If not why? I’m willing to bet you were not emotionally involved in those resolutions and therefore they did not stick.How can I improve the intellectual factor of the will?The will, like all other intellectual factors, can be improved with conscious awareness. Learning to be in control of your thoughts and then focus on one thing at a time is the skill set needed. One way to do this is to buy a candle and light it on the opposite side of the room from you. Focus on the candle and only the candle. Your mind will drift and think about different things such as your job and preparing lunches for the kids. Bring your mind back and focus on the candle. The longer you can focus on the candle and the flame without allowing your mind to drift the better your “will” will become. Once you learn to master this task you can focus your will on anything. Will this really work?Take a look at your life in terms of your happiness, health, and wealth. Is there room for things to be better? It doesn’t matter how happy, healthy or wealthy you are there is always room for improvement. Now ask yourself how determined are you and how strong is your will? If you continue to do everything you have always done I promise you’ll get more of the same results. The candle technique was explained to me personally by Bob Proctor who is a very well recognized authority in personal development.The use of the will is one of the gifts few of us truly understand that helps us achieve real success in life. I want to suggest that you take the concepts contained in this article very seriously and become hyper aware of how you use your will and the results that you get in life. If you want to see big improvements make sure that 1) you really want your goal 2) you become emotionally involved with your goal 3) and you never give up.

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in your world. This site covers topics from leadership, to tax strategies, to growing your business and many more. Ray Stendall is President of Wealth Expressions, Inc. and coaches individuals on how to achieve their objectives.

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Universal Laws of Success – Use Your Will To Achieve Anything}

Forward Looking Business Models Utilize Proactive Software}

Forward-Looking Business Models Utilize Proactive Software


Lou Mcknight

The Internet has combined with evolution of corporate data, processes and communications to create the basis for a revolution in corporate organization. Businesses are becoming increasingly modular, doing what they do best and outsourcing the rest. The organization is increasingly turning toward project teams which can be assembled when necessary and dispersed when projects are completed. To facilitate this, procedures and systems are being developed to control and support collaboration. The result? New opportunities for remote workers and virtual offices, with leaner, task focused and ultimately a more efficient organization, essentially unlimited access to resources and personnel around the globe.

The New Office of the Future

At the heart of the new business organization is the virtual business or virtual office. The virtual business can span geographical boundaries and provide instant and flexible collaboration to efficiently develop products and services with minimal supporting overhead. In this “office of the future”, remote workers are linked in a dispersed infrastructure that is supported by software that supports and controls collaboration. Individuals share data and applications over a distance, transmit data of all types easily and efficiently, and the workgroup can meet together to exchange information and views using a variety of different techniques, including videoconferencing, shared whiteboards, teleconferencing, instant messaging, and a variety of asynchronous correspondence and mail capabilities.

Supporting the office of the future is a wide and growing range of collaborative software tools that provide communications, project coordination, data sharing, and application access. The base for this communication is, of course, the Internet, which has been speeding as higher bandwidth technologies are rolled out. These large pipes enhance the opportunities for collaboration.

Always on, anywhere, any time provides the office of the future a number of advantages to both staff and business. To sketch in some of these:

* Any time – flexile working hours, with improved scheduling for business, and more efficient performance from remote workers.

* Any place – flexible work location making it possible to employ people who work at home or in different parts of the country, or even across the globe.

* Any competent task group – flexibility of project staffing, making it possible to make most efficient use of available personnel,

* Wider skill application – particular specialists may contribute to various projects rather than being dedicated to a single operation at one time in one place.

* Amorphous organization – making it possible to create workgroups as needed to handle new projects or new support activities without the upheaval associated with different times and places.

* Scalability and security – incorporating these characteristics in the modular systems and network infrastructure. Modules can be easily grown or combined, and security is integral to both policy and supporting IT infrastructure.

Management Implications

To gain these advantages, the virtual business requires careful planning. Special requirements include:

* A need to keep track of employees’ work, which may not be immediately visible as supervisors may not in the same place or even time zone.

* Need to provide and maintain adequate communications, including sufficient bandwidth for extended communications requirements of collaboration, and special communications tools to support collaborative work without the noise of the communications methods swamping the useful work.

* Tools to support the virtual organization, including communications and management applications. Management requirements are often overlooked, but are the making or the breaking of the virtual organization.

* Implementation of the components of the virtual organization without overspend. This requires careful planning and selection of appropriate systems. There is no one size fits all solution, and whatever infrastructure is working today there will be a need to change and adapted to future both operational requirements and meet today’s budget.

Management is a significant component of this new working environment and helps to bring all of the pieces together. Management tools need to be able to aid in project organization as well as being fitted into the collaboration infrastructure. Coordination applications need to be accessed by all workers on teams and within an organization. Management tools also need to fit organizational budgets and provide sufficient flexibility and scalability to successfully manage projects of varying size and complexity, providing security features to ensure the rules of the collaboration are controlled updated and followed. Distributed infrastructure and application aid collaborations between organisations but bring with them the need to ensure sensitive information can only be accessed by those authorised.


The virtual organization supported by control and collaboration technologies is becoming an increasingly visible phenomenon. As hotter competition forces a higher competitive response on us all it is likely to grow in importance as the performance and cost advantages become increasingly apparent. With lower operational expenses and higher performance on offer few can choose not to consider the option. Management of the virtual organisation is more demanding; it requires effective and accessible support and control tools. ProWorkflow from ProActive Software can help make the virtual organisation a reality for your business.

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Forward-Looking Business Models Utilize Proactive Software