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Submitted by: Jane Michael

Osho meditation is a form of meditation meant to lead individuals on a journey to discovering their full true potential. This is a path that is followed alone through the inner self and the self discovery there in or with others depending on the meditator’s practice of choice. There are a number of Osho meditation techniques, some quite simple, some a bit more difficult. Each technique of Osho meditation involve different techniques but all are meant to produce similar results.

The first of the Osho meditation practices is Osho Dynamic meditation. In this type of meditation the meditator must stay constantly alert in order to gain the desired results out of it. This type of meditation consists of five individual stages, each lasting a total of either ten or fifteen minutes. The first of these stages involves a ten minute session of chaotic breathing. Breathing should be done through the nose and should be done as fast as possible. The second step of this dynamic meditation also lasts ten minutes and involves complete expression of oneself. The meditator should explode with all the energy gained in the first step through screaming, throwing oneself around, dancing, or jumping. The third stage of Osho dynamic meditation will also last ten minutes and consists of repeating a mantra and jumping up and down with the arms raised, aiming for exhaustion. The fourth stage, which lasts fifteen minutes consists of freezing in place before moving on to the fifth and final stage which involves a celebration. In this fifteen minute stage the meditator should dance and express gratitude for the happiness obtained through the dynamic meditation.

A second form of Osho meditation is Osho Kundalini meditation. Kundalini meditation consists of a total of four stages, each lasting fifteen minutes. Three of the stages in this form of meditation involve music and one does not. In the first stage the meditator should allow the body to shake and move on its own without direction from the meditator. Eyes may be either opened or closed during this first step. The second step involves dancing to the music. Dancing can be done in any form and eyes may be kept closed or open. In the third stage and the last stage involving music the meditator is to sit or stand with the eyes closed, witnessing what is happening inside of the meditator. Finally, in the last stage stage the meditator is directed to keep the eyes closed and to lie down and stay still for the entire fifteen minutes. This type of meditation is meant to bring on energy for the meditator.

The final type of Osho meditation that we will discuss is Nataraj meditation. This type of meditation consists of only three stages, the first lasting forty minutes, the second lasting twenty, and the final lasting five. In the first stage the meditator dances unconsciously. In the second stage the meditator is to lie down with eyes closed and stay silent. In the final stage the meditator is instructed to dance in celebration. This is one of the easier Osho meditations for beginners.

These meditations will introduce the beginner to Osho meditation and what it can do for the meditator which will lead to lifelong peace if practiced on a regular basis.

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