Henderson Cosmetic Dentistry Can Give Your Back Your Smile

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Henderson Cosmetic Dentistry Can Give Your Back Your Smile


Paul Lindgren

Your smile- or the lack of one- is one of the most powerful tools you have for making that all important first impression. A smile can turn a formal handshake into a friendly greeting, transform criticism into a mutually shared joke, or communicate camaraderie across a crowded room. So it\’s sad that many people smile less easily, self conscious of the fact that as the years go by, lifestyle choices or circumstances that are not bad in and of themselves are gradually yellowing and dimming that beautiful smile, until eventually, they don\’t want to smile at all. Thankfully, Henderson cosmetic dentists have the answer: professional tooth whitening. But how do your pearly whites gets so dim in the first place?

What\’s Dimming Your Teeth?

*Tooth decay: When teeth decay, as when you get a cavity, the damaged areas become brown or black- kind of like those brown spots you see on over-ripe fruit.

*Trauma: When a tooth is hit hard enough, either by accident or design, the trauma of the impact can actually cause the root to die. When this happens, your tooth becomes grayed out or discolored.

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Neither tooth decay nor trauma discoloration will be responsive to professional tooth whitening, but any Las Vegas cosmetic dentist can have your teeth sitting pretty in no time with fillings, crowns, or implants as needed.

*Tobacco products: Ever look at the filter on a used cigarette? Tobacco smoke stains your teeth with that ugly yellow brown color too.

*Chromogenic foods: In layman\’s terms, any food or beverages which can stain your teeth over time. Another cappuccino anyone?

*Medications: Many of these, such as tetracycline, have become unpopular because they stain your teeth, but some are still on the market. If in doubt, ask your

Henderson cosmetic dentist

which medications you should avoid.

*Natural Aging: While losing your teeth is not a nature product of age, some yellowing and discoloration is.

Now What?

Professional teeth whitening procedures are far more effective than any home whitening or brightening kits you may have tried in the past. Depending on whether or not you continue to engage in the behaviors that stained your teeth in the first place, professional teeth whitening can last up to three years. But while the results can be startling, they won\’t change the natural color of your teeth. What they will do is return your teeth to their own pristine, healthy shade of white. Speaking of that, let\’s put the record straight. There\’s no one normal natural shade for all people\’s teeth. Just as there are a hundred different shades of blue, your teeth can be any number white shades and still be called normal or natural. However, like skin tone, we all have our own best shade, and a good Henderson cosmetic dentist will recognize that you may not look your best in Angelina or Jessica white. Instead they\’ll work with you to uncover the most healthy, natural, attractive smile for you.

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The Benefits Of Choosing A Family Dentist For Teeth Whitening In Lakewood

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byAlma Abell

Teeth whitening can take years off of your looks, and today most dentists offer the service. However, it is smart to use a family practice for Teeth Whitening in Lakewood. Full service practices, such as Lakewood Family Dental Association, offer important benefits that include:

  • GENERAL DENTISTRY: When you choose a family practice for Teeth Whitening in Lakewood, you are treated by well-rounded professionals who can also take care of your general dentistry needs. They can schedule needed cleanings, provide tooth-colored fillings, perform extractions, and add crowns. During a visit that includes Teeth Whitening Professionals will evaluate your overall dental health, and recommend any needed work.
  • COSMETIC PROCEDURES: In addition to brightening teeth, the staff at a full-service practice can consult with you about other cosmetic procedures that will help give you the smile you want. These include bonding, veneers, and a series of procedures that create a smile makeover.
  • TOOTH REPLACEMENT: Family dentists are experts at finding solutions for missing teeth. Often this involves providing implants, which are long lasting, strong, and natural looking. Dentists offer dentures, single tooth replacements, denture stabilization, multiple tooth replacement, and fixed bridges.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES: A full-service practice ensures that all patients have access to an Emergency Dentist when needed. They will accept emergency patients without an appointment, even on the weekends. Patients can get fast help with chipped teeth, root canals, denture repairs, emergency extractions, and more.
  • AFFORDABLE CARE: Many family practices offer discounts, including low-cost new patient welcome packages. Patients may also be offered special pricing on specific procedures, such as teeth whitening. The practices typically accept major credit cards and work with a wide range of insurance types. These can include state family care programs, union plans, and other reduced-fee plans. Family dentists may also offer in-house financing, to help make major work affordable.

Although most dentists today offer teeth whitening services, it is smart to have this procedure done at a family practice. Their dentists offer many important services, including an evaluation of overall dental health, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement options, emergency help, and flexible payment choices.