Tips To Eat In A Restaurant For Calorie Conscious!}

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Tips to Eat in a Restaurant for Calorie Conscious!



In the barbeques, your meat is cooked in its tender form and the vegetables are roasted and charred around the edges. With no oil used and direct heat applied you will retain the natural element present in the vegetables or meat. It can still be juicy without using oil or butter. By doing this, you would have taken your first step towards healthy eating! Barbecues or grilled food varieties at the restaurant tastes great. To check out whats new in the food industry, offers and discounts, you may scour online.

Besides this, online option offers you the option of browsing by the name of your favourite dish and browsing by the location. You are free to try out any of the two options and view the menu and its price online. This lets you know before hand, what does a buffet at a particular place comprise of and its price? This information helps you make a wise decision. In addition to this, the review written by the food lovers will provide you ample information on the hotel you are planning to visit.

Dont be disheartened if you are on a diet, there are plenty of options open before you. You can choose the grilled or barbecued food items such as Grilled baby corn, Monk fish kebabs, marinated auburgines, barbequed asparagus, mushrooms etc. Enjoy your Chinese chop suey, Chinese chow mein, and a variety of other dishes.

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Balance your calories by eating the right food. There is no need to diet and then die to satiate your taste buds. You can still give into your temptations of eating meat or chicken, in its healthier form. There are lean meat, chicken, butter and plenty of other options available especially for those calorie conscious. Tofu is a popular vegetarian substitute for meat, which is very easy to cube and ideal for kebabs! Alternatively look out for cubed chicken breast, prawns or lean meats. The beauty with kebabs is that your imagination is your limit – most vegetables, and some fruits too, are delicious combined with tofu, poultry, seafood or meat.

Try out different variety of barbequed food:

Barbequed asparagus

Marinated auburgines

Grilled baby corn

Potatoes and capsicum


Monk fish kebabs

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Tips to Eat in a Restaurant for Calorie Conscious!}

Hotel Management In Uk Now Looks Easy For Aspiring Individuals

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Hotel Management in UK Now Looks Easy For Aspiring Individuals


Andrew Hudson

Students have never shown any drop of dissatisfaction or passed a sarcastic comment when asked about their views on studying in London. Apart from the famous London Bridge, this city is also embedded with many places to visit that have historical importance besides the buzz about their fashion and financial hubs. Almost every aspiring face of the planet has an insatiable curiosity and desire to make their dreams come true in London. Moreover to pursue a vocational course in globally recognized colleges and top calibrated universities are one of the basic reasons behind the concept of making London, a second home for such ambitious students. Post graduate degree and course like hotel management in UK are often selected by the individuals for taking admission in a reputed business school or a college. Now-a-days there are many useful websites that can provide information regarding colleges and universities that offer such courses to any dedicated student.

Similar valid and important information based on the colleges and educational institutions that offer courses like hotel management in UK will help those individuals who have a dream about studying in London. London Thames College is one such reputed educational institute that provides Diploma in Hotel Management in London. Entry requirements are possible for students who have at least done twelve years of education with a minimum of 5.5 band score in IELTS (International English Language Testing System). By paying 3950.00 (excluding examination and registration fees) for the course that has duration of eighteen months (including placement) a student can enroll his name in this college. Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality is the awarding body behind this course and its commencing dates are in the month of February, June and September. Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management in Ealing is the course that can be done by taking admission in London School of Management. Duration of the course is of one year and fees structure is 3,200 excluding VAT. Besides, Cambridge College of Learning also offers a course on Diploma in Hotel Management (CTHCM) in London. The course duration is of twelve months which can be pursued by paying 3,000 excluding VAT. Diploma in Hotel Management in London is the course available in LSM Business School. On payment of 3,450 excluding VAT (Value Added Tax) any dedicated student can pursue this twelve month duration course. CECOS London College is also not lagging behind in providing Diploma in Hotel Management (CTHCM). Interested students can take admission by paying 3,000 excluding VAT this one year course can be undertaken where CTHCM means (Confederation of Tourism – Hotel – Catering Management). These above mentioned colleges are ranked in the top list of available educational institutions that offer course on hotel management to aspiring students.

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We provide personalized guidance and counselling to help MBA aspirants to realize and make their dream come true of studying overseas like UK Universities,

Hotel management in UK


MBA In London


Study MBA In UK

, MBA Courses In UK while tailoring a path to suit their specific career aspirations.

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Growth Of Indian Tourism &Amp; Hospitality Industry With Cloud Telephony}

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Submitted by: Aaditya Aggarwal

Talking of travel and tourism industry, the stats are just mind blowing. It is the worlds largest service sector in terms of revenue generation. It employs around 10% of working population globally. In many countries it is the leading sector and has a lions share in the countrys total GDP. India too is a country that has an immense potential for growth in tourism sector. Currently, it has annual earnings of about $120 billion from this sector. As per The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index Ranking in 2015, India ranked 52 in the world.

Coming to the nature of Indian travel and tourism industry it is a fact that most of the operators are SMEs. Theres only handful of big operators available in the market. So, here comes the need for these small and medium scale enterprises to add more value to their services and compete with the on-going technological trends worldwide.

On an average a normal tour operating company offers services like online tickets booking, car rentals, hotel reservations and sightseeing among many. All this involves contacting the customers and addressing their unlimited queries. So, here comes the role of Cloud Telephony. This technology makes it easier for small enterprises to manage their clients well and that too at very nominal rates.

Many companies provide the service of cloud telephony in India. One such company is Big V Telecom, the first company to be incubated by Tata Elxsi, which offers customized cloud telephony in India, aptly called Your Own Contact Center (YOCC).

1. One Number to Serve Your Multiple Needs

This is the most prominent aspect of cloud telephony. A virtual contact center would allow you to have a single number with multiple extensions. No need to have multiple numbers and employ manpower for them. It is a kind of virtual call center that enables multiple-call handling and also connects all the employees. This doesnt require any extra infrastructure to be put into place. You will have access to it via any smart phone. And, the best part of this deal is that you get a Toll-Free number that definitely helps in getting more calls from the customers.

2. Be Ready to Do Business 24/7

YOCC will allow you to have a round the clock communication network. It is a fact that most customers value companies that are prompt in their approach as well as always available for them. With your very own virtual contact center you can schedule and create various voice messages for your customers. You can always use this as a tool for advertising too. This gives you an added benefit as it will help to reduce traditional advertising cost.

3. Serve Global Clients from Home Without Any Language Barrie

Your clients can call you anytime from any part of the world. So, its important to address their queries on time. Having a virtual contact center ensures that no call goes unanswered from your side. How about greeting your customers in their own mother tongue? Sounds interesting! Yes, you can do this too with YOCCs multi language support feature. You can customize various voice messages for your clients and this will surely have a positive impact on them.

4. Greater Level of Control Over Business Affairs

Your virtual contact center ensures that you have a full control of your business and employees. It helps you in keeping track of your various business branches from a single physical location. YOCC also gives you analytics report that can be utilized in the further betterment of your employees productivity. Every business interaction that employees make gets tracked. This can be analyzed later on to provide better customer services.

About the Author: Aaditya Aggrawal is a remarkable author with having exclusive knowledge about cloud telephony and virtual call center. This present content with a number of relevant information must have soothed your inquisitive mind by now.


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Attain Best Accommodation At Resorts In Uttarakhand!}

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Attain best accommodation at resorts in Uttarakhand!


Leena Dutta

Affable places to visit!

When in Uttarakhand you must visit the following sites to grasp its beauty and to gain some memorable experience!

1) – Dehradun: The picturesque capital of Uttarakhand is located at the foot of the mighty Himalayas. Rajaji National park, Malsi Deer Park, Tiger Fall, Tapkeshwar temples are some of the attractions here.

2) Musssoorie: Plentiful in the enchanting beauty of the nature this place encases the view of the snow draped Himalayas. Jwalaji Temple, The Mall Road, Bhatta Fall, Benog Hills and Children Park are some of Mussoories chief tourist attractions.

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3)- Nainital: Nainital is situated around Naini Lake with mountains in the background. Eco Cave Garden, Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Himalaya Viewpoint, Thandi Sadak are some of the places to be visited in Nainital.

4) Bhimtal: The famous Bhimtal Lake is the centre of attraction for the famous aquarium that is built on an island in the centre of the Lake. The Aquarium has myriads of fish that are rare and stunning.

Lodging options in Uttarakhand!

There are hotels and resorts to accommodate the tourists on their stay here. You have the option to stay at hotels, homestays and pet friendly or eco friendly hotels and resorts in Uttarakhand. Homestay in Uttarakhand is a choice for the tourists that want to stay in a homely atmosphere and enjoy the homemade food. Homestays are usually Dak Bunglows, Cottages and Villas of which some are surrounded by orchards, gardens and farms. This allows you to experience the daily routine of the locals.

The guests share the same roof with their host and have the liberty to the privacy of a comfortable, well furnished and spacious room with attached bathroom. Modern amenities like television, Wi-Fi, hot/cold water, air-condition and room heaters are allotted to the guests. Homestay in Uttarakhand is an opportunity for the guests to learn the local language, the local culture, create a bonding with the host and lend a hand in their daily kitchen work. They are invited to take part in the local sports and are invited to attend the religious functions at the village.

Enjoy pet vacation in India

India is a country abundant in Natural untouched beauty. A land of many famous Monuments and Temples ensnares the interests of the International tourists that flock here to glimpse at them and take back home few treasured memoirs. To gain more revenue, for the country, the Tourism Department is promoting the concepts of homestay and pet friendly hotels in India.

Whenever you plan for a vacation to a distance place, you search a comfortable accommodation that will give the comfort after an exciting and tiring day! If you are a parent to a four pawed baby then the search for resort, a hotel or a perfect homestay become more frantic. Being emotionally attached to your pet, you detest the idea to leave him under foster care. Tagging him along will make love stronger. Browse the reviews for a pet friendly hotel in India before you plan your vacation.

The hotels have staff that care for the pets and look after them in their masters absence. They are served food as per the instruction of the guest. Vets are also available here for the safety of the dog. A walk or a trek with the master will be treasured by the pet. Let him unleash his energy and get the feeling of being loved by you.

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Resorts in Uttarakhand

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